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Explora I Sakura

Explora Journeys has released the details of its ultra-luxe dining program aboard its upcoming ship. The excitement surrounding this vaunted new brand’s arrival is growing as more and more news arrives.  We invite you to join us for the first taste of dining on Explora I.

Explora I will feature eight dining experiences. Each will offer its ambiance and style, making for a unique experience from one venue to the next. 

Anthology on Explora I
Anthology on Explora I


This stylish dining venue has the interior design of an ultra-luxe space station. The entire dining room is washed in white and cream. The intimate room incorporates stylish archways, pillars, and modern orb lighting. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer expansive exterior views, and the patio seating allows you to dine al fresco. 

Anthology will be a stage where guest chefs will showcase curated menus featuring global cuisine. The meals and wine pairings are meant to celebrate the talent and specialties of globally celebrated culinary artists. The space will host 48 inside and another 22 on the patio. Dining at Anthology carries a special experiences fee of 100 EUR per guest.

Sakura on Explora Journeys
Sakura on Explora Journeys


This restaurant takes its name from the cherry blossom, a Japanese symbol of renewal and optimism. Sakura will offer an immersive Pan-Asian dining experience with dishes from Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. Asian-influenced beverages, a sake sommelier, and a first-come, first-served sushi bar will complement the authentic and engaging menu. 

The venue’s design features contemporary Japanese woodwork with tones of brown and terracotta. The most striking visual feature of the room is the red blossoms of Sakura’s namesake hanging from the ceiling.

This larger venue will seat 92 indoors and 26 outdoors. There are expansive views throughout the restaurant. 

Marble & Co. on Explora I
Marble & Co. on Explora I

Marble & Co. Grill

A contemporary European Steakhouse inspired by the marbling of exquisite cuts of beef. Marble & Co. will serve exceptional cuts of locally sourced meats. An in-house dry-ager and superb wine cellar.

Building on the design of a classic steakhouse, the dining room design features monolithic granite tabletops and marble floors with grey-toned wood paneling on the walls. Natural lighting from the exterior windows and recessed lights completes the modern and sophisticated ambiance. 

Make a reservation for the 80 indoor and ten outdoor seats.

Med Yacht Club on Explora I
Med Yacht Club on Explora I

Med Yacht Club

Capturing the atmosphere of a relaxed, chic, seaside Mediterranean eatery, Med Yacht Club will feature all of the flavors and spices of Greece, Italy, France, and North Africa. A selection of regional wines, fresh juices, and cocktails will complement the menu. 

The interior design features plush booth seating, blue nautical accents, large portholes, bright lights, and live music with a Mediterranean flair. The space will accommodate 136 guests for lunch and dinner.

Emporium Marketplace on Explora Journeys
Emporium Marketplace on Explora Journeys

Emporium Marketplace

The buffet on Explora I is replaced by a food hall concept. Each stall will burst with a selection of world cuisine. The 18 stalls will feature favorites from every corner of the globe. Sushi, charcuterie, fromagerie, and a wide variety of extras are available for guests to grab and go at their convenience.

Fil Rouge on Explora I
Fil Rouge on Explora I

Fil Rouge

Explora Journeys brings its take on contemporary french cuisine with this stylish Parisian dining room., Fil Rouge’s menu is created to showcase the unifying theme of French influence on global cuisine and will include an array of french-inspired international dishes.

The intimate dining room has seating for 222 and incorporates shades of teal, light yellow, and grey marble complete the look.

Chef's Kitchen on Explora Journeys
Chef’s Kitchen on Explora Journeys

Chef’s Kitchen

This oceanfront private dining and culinary classroom is designed to be an experience. Twelve guests will join the Explora Culinary team for a lesson in fine dining in a hands-on journey of exotic ingredients and masterful techniques as you enjoy your meal. The menu and ingredients will be a revolving door of locally sourced dishes. Reservations and an experience fee are both necessary.

In-Suite Dining on Explora I
In-Suite Dining on Explora I

In-Suite Dining

Explora recently announced their plans for residential-style suites with an abundance of additional square footage. In-suite dining will allow guests to enjoy Explora’s excellent culinary selections from the comfort of your room or terrace. Guests can enjoy this variety of cuisine 24 hours a day.

As we continue to approach the launch of Explora I, we expect to learn more about the onboard experience, but what we already know makes us and cruise aficionados very interested. Explora Journeys currently offers reservations for 2023 and 2024 itineraries, and demand is high. To secure your suite on an inaugural journey, call our team at Luxury Cruise Connections. As a preferred cruise line partner since its inception, our agency is uniquely equipped to satisfy your travel needs.  
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