009 R050922 Talbot Bay Horizontal Falls©Australia©PONANT Photo Ambassador Cindy Miller Hopkins

Why The Kimberley Region of Australia is so Special

Often referred to as Australia’s last frontier, the Kimberley region occupies the remote region on the continent’s northwest coast. It is home to spectacular wildlife, dramatic scenery, and Human history dating back to the great flood. This wild region is not only worth visiting; it should be at the top of your expedition cruise list. We’re here to tell you why.

Game Viewing on a Chobe River Cruise

Discover the Best River Cruises for Spotting Wildlife

Some of the best opportunities for wildlife viewing are available on the world’s rivers. River cruising gives guests up close and personal experiences in some of the most thriving habitats on the planet. Rivers allow sailors to journey inland where nature and culture collide and, in some cases, where society has yet to venture. From the black waters of the Peruvian Amazon to Africa’s Chobe River, we are bringing you on a safari through our favorite river cruises for wildlife viewing.