A Luxury World Cruise Is the Best Way to Travel the Globe

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There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. The stresses of the past few years have taken their toll and many are itching to get out and experience not just somewhere new, but a whole bunch of new places! You could map out your adventure around the world, but rather than spend hours on all the research and bookings, the better option is to check out a luxury world cruise. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or milestone or just want to get out and see the world now that it’s wide open for exploration, a world cruise will satisfy even the most serious cases of wanderlust. 

There’s no better way to see the many places and cultures around the planet than onboard one of the many luxury world cruises scheduled for the coming year. Unpack once and visit dozens of countries and ports of call across multiple continents, all from the comfort of a luxury cruise ship loaded with amenities. Cruise ships these days are a luxury hotel at sea, complete with 5-star dining, spas, personalized service, expedition equipment, and more. There isn’t a more convenient way to see the world than by cruise ship. 

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Often at least two months in length, usually longer, world cruises are a unique and exclusive way to go around the world. Many top names in luxury cruising, like Viking, Oceania, Seabourn, Holland America, Azamara, and more, offer world cruises that bring guests to places they never imagined they’d go. The advantage of a luxury cruise is that the adventure comes with enrichment. Guests don’t just see these incredible places, they get to immerse themselves in each culture thanks to in-depth shore excursions and expert guides who help bring the complexities of each region to light. Luxury cruise ships are smaller than traditional ships, meaning they can visit more exclusive and authentic ports of call. 

Oceania Cruises offers a luxury world cruise which departs from Miami, FL, and brings guests to three continents over the span of 77 nights. The cruise sails South through the Caribbean with calls on islands like Dominica and Barbados. From there, it continues South to the Amazon River, where the ship sails deep into the jungle of Brazil to Manaus. It continues South along the coast of Brazil down to Argentina before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Africa. The ship calls on Cape Town, Mossel Bay, Durbin, and more before crossing the Indian Ocean to India, Thailand, and finally, Singapore, where the journey ends. 

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World cruises leave from all over the globe. Regent Seven Seas has a 78-night cruise leaving New York City and sailing North along the coast of the United States with calls on Boston, Bar Harbor, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, to name a few. From there, the ship heads to Nuuk, Greenland, with two additional calls to the country. The ship then calls on Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, and more. The journey ends with calls in Portugal and Spain before the final destination of Barcelona. 

Seabourn offers a luxury world cruise that departs from Los Angeles, California, and brings guests around the world throughout 145 nights. Calls on the first leg of the journey include some of the most spectacular islands in the South Pacific and 14 unique calls on New Zealand and Australia. From there, the ship heads through popular countries in Asia like Japan, South Korea, China, and Vietnam. The ship then heads across the Indian Ocean with calls on Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Oman, and Egypt. The ship then navigates the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean for calls on the Greek Islands, Turkey, and a final call on Athens, where the cruise disembarks. 

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