Luxury Yacht Cruises Sailing The Mediterranean

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As a destination, The Mediterranean is an all-time favorite, and there is no wonder about that. With its crystal clear waters, and colorful villages hanging from its rocky cliffs, this captivating region is a must-visit indeed. But how does one truly immerse themselves in it? If you ask me when it comes to traveling, luxury yacht cruises are the differentiating factor. 

The ability to come closer to its cliffsides and shores – from the bustling cities to the tiniest of towns – differentiates the small experience from sailing on a larger boat, even a small luxury cruise line. 

Unlike their larger counterparts, these intimate vessels offer a personalized experience, allowing you to dive deeper into the secrets of the Mediterranean shores, and providing a closer look at iconic destinations in unparalleled comfort and style. What a 5-star experience if there ever was one. 

Join us as we take a closer look at the best small luxury cruise lines sailing the Mediterranean.

Scenic Cruises

đź’Ž Why you will love it: Cutting-edge design and sustainability practices. 

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Boasting all kinds of luxurious amenities, from butler service on every suite to a transformative wellness center, and no less than two helicopters and a submersible onboard to take you on exclusive excursions, Scenic is a small luxury cruise line to keep an eye on. 

Their all-inclusive luxury yacht cruises feature spacious suites with private balconies, personalized service, and a regionally-inspired culinary experience. Find premium beverages at your disposition, and up to 10 different dining options to choose from. Scenic Cruises caters to discerning travelers seeking a luxurious and innovative way to explore the Mediterranean.

Select excursions based on your interests – from cooking masterclasses to workshops with chocolatiers and winemakers, their extensive range of expert-led experiences is sure to make your voyage unique. At barely 168 meters in length, and with specialized technology onboard, the Scenic Eclipse is designed to access places larger ships cannot, causing the most minimal disturbance to the seabed, and docking you right in the heart of the most unique ports. 

Emerald Cruises

đź’ŽWhy you will love it: Wellness-inspired luxury yacht cruise experience.

The sister company to Scenic Cruises is nothing short of magnificent. More than just a small luxury cruise line, Emerald provides a luxury yacht cruise experience aimed at highlighting the very best of each destination.

Unpack once in your spacious suite, and take a sip of your favorite champagne while soaking up the sun, well immersed in your surroundings. Offering an abundance of space that truly makes you feel like you are on your own private yacht, Emerald’s dedicated staff is there to get to know your preferences and anticipate your every need.

Enjoy Ă  la carte and fine dining onboard, all prepared with local, fresh ingredients and paired with a wide selection of wines, beers, and soft drinks. Additional premium beverage packages, are also available, allowing you to customize your vacation. 

When sailing the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, this luxury yacht cruise line takes you to even the smallest fishing ports along the Dalmatian Coast. Take a paddle board ride from their exclusive Marina deck up to beautifully secluded coves, or get on shore to explore fantastic destinations such as Morocco, Turkey, Gibraltar, Portugal, Montenegro, Cyprus, and the Canary Islands.

You may not have heard much about Scenic Cruises – and its sister company, Emerald, about which we will talk about in a second – but the Australian luxury yacht cruise line has been making waves in the global market for quite some time now, thanks to the spectacular Scenic Eclipse.

With a focus on cultural immersion, Emerald Cruises’ thoughtfully curated shore excursions feature local guides and exclusive adventures. Onboard, a focus on wellness and invigorating experiences is guaranteed, as a dedicated wellness coach is on hand, along with sunrise yoga sessions on the Observation Deck, and a fully equipped gym.

In terms of suite and stateroom experience, Emerald boasts a great deal of choices. My own personal favorites? The fantastic Owner’s Suite located on the Pool Deck is the largest one on board, boasting a walk-in wardrobe and separate lounge and bedroom areas, along with a large private terrace to relax as you admire the views. 

Windstar Cruises

đź’Ž Why you will love it: Unique cruise itineraries

luxury yacht cruises

Experience a sense of yachting freedom with Windstar Cruises, as their intimate sailing ships, accommodating a maximum of 310 guests, navigate charming ports along the Mediterranean coastline. 

You may have noticed their masts and sails somewhere, as this is the line in charge of the largest sailing ship in the world, the fabulous Wind Surf. However, this is only one member of the fleet, composed of other 5 fabulous yachts – from the freshly renewed Star Plus Class yachts to the three classic Wind Class yachts.

Windstar’s focus on active exploration shines through with complimentary watersports like kayaking and paddleboarding, allowing you to explore the Mediterranean at your own pace. Enjoy a relaxed and social atmosphere onboard, where guests mingle and forge lasting friendships. Windstar is a perfect choice for adventurous travelers seeking a personalized and active Mediterranean adventure.

Bringing you closer to your destination and offering a set of unique ports of call, they are one of the very few cruise lines taking you along the Guadalquivir River, for example, the only navigable river in Spain spanning 408 miles to Seville. Step ashore to visit a local market with your Windstar Chef, and see a new port almost every day, as their itineraries never feature more than one sea day. 

Proud of how close they can get you to the immersive experiences luxury yacht cruise guests are looking for, Windstar’s selected excursions can easily take you from dining with a Croatian family in their village home to a bike ride ending with wine tasting along the Amalfi coast. Onboard, expert lecturers are there to provide you with an insider’s look at each destination, while the freedom of schedule ensures you enjoy the most of your vacation.

Drop by the Open Bridge for an impromptu lesson in chart reading, or jump directly into the fresh sea from the Watersports Platform. At night, listen to live music in the Lounge, and share stories over tapas with fellow guests, before indulging in their world-class dining experience, with menus curated by celebrity chefs.

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

đź’ŽWhy you will love it: All-inclusive sumptuousness.

We could not expect anything less than splendor from the Ritz-Carlton’s newly deployed Yacht Collection, could we? Sailing in its debut yacht, the fabulous Evrima, this luxury yacht cruise line’s Mediterranean itineraries feature countless hidden harbors to step ashore on. 

Offering a unique yacht experience, this contemporary vessel provides spacious suites with private balconies, impeccable service mirroring the legendary Ritz-Carlton hospitality, and a world-class spa for ultimate relaxation. 

Savor gourmet cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, or chill at casual poolside eateries. Enjoy the relaxed pace of the yachting lifestyle from Evrima’s aft Marina, your own private beach with seamless entry into the sea, and after a long day of exploring, retire to your spacious suite to watch the sunset from your private terrace. 

With a fantastic space ratio of more than 89 square feet per guest, there is plenty of room onboard to accommodate all the luxuries of a boutique resort, without compromising on entertainment and lounging spaces – there is even a dedicated space onboard for families with kids, providing educational and fun-filled programs to encourage children to explore the world around them.

Included in your fare are oceanview accommodations, all onboard gratuities, multiple dining venues, 24-hour in-suite dining, beverages, onboard entertainment – sometimes in the form of a local celebrity -, premium Wi-Fi, and non-motorized watersports while at anchor.

Enjoy the quintessential yacht experience by choosing itineraries such as the fabulous Bermuda to Lisbon, taking you to the remote Azores islands, and sailing directly into the famous Horta marina, a regular stop for international regattas. 

Explore the fantastic shores of Corsica, Sardinia, or Monte Carlo, even visiting ports in Tunisia, the Balearic Islands, and more. If you want unique experiences with the utmost sophistication, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is your small luxury cruise line to sail the Mediterranean.

Enjoy The Uniqueness Of A Luxury Yacht Cruise

Whichever luxury yacht cruise line you choose, you are guaranteed to seize the Mediterranean in a way like no other. 

Sail directly into small fishing towns, leaving other tourists in awe of the beauty of the ship transporting you. Disembark at private ports right into the heart of your destination, whether a vibrant city or a sleepy seaside town. 

Luxury yacht cruises allow you to reach closer and deeper, offering a personalized experience from beginning to end. Explore at ease with the company of expert guides, feeling each port of call with all of your senses.

Onboard, expect staff to have your favorite cocktail at call, suggest dinner based on your cravings and preferences, and provide the entertainment you want. There is simply nothing alike the exclusivity and comfort a yacht is allowed to offer you. You may have sailed the Mediterranean before, but not in the way these fantastic yacht cruises allow you to. 

Eager to know more? Contact me, or any of the expert travel advisors at Luxury Cruise Connections, and ask about the best deals and exclusive amenities available – it is our mission to make your vacation spectacular.

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