Three Destination Intensive Itineraries you should sail with Azamara

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We have created a list of five destination-intensive itineraries with Azamara that we think you should be considering. Azamara has made its name by providing guests with a deeper exploration of the destinations they visit by offering more overnight stays in ports,  destination-inspired Azamazing Evenings, and more stops in a specific country or region. These “destination Intensive” voyages give Azamara a competitive edge for guests who are more interested in the experiences they will have off of the ship. 

Azamara Spain Intensive Voyage

These itineraries come around every year. This excellent itinerary includes five ports in Spain. Guests with an opportunity for a pre-cruise stay in the departure port of Rome and a post-cruise extension in Lisbon, and nothing but Spain in between. 

You will be exposed to the intoxicating streets of Barcelona to taste the Catalonian cuisine, bear witness to the art-nouveau and arabesque works of Antoni Gaudi, explore the historic Barri Gotic, and shop and dine at Las Ramblas during your overnight stay in Barcelona.  

You will also stop in Valencia and see the juxtaposition of avant-garde and gothic architecture. Visit the awe-inspiring City of Arts and Sciences cultural complex and the medieval Silk Exchange–all on the same day. 

A stop in Cartegena follows, allowing guests to explore the ancient seat of power for the Empire of Carthage. This Old-World city houses everything from Roman Ruins to an excellent Naval Museum. For guests who like to bask in history, this is a special stop.

The cruise stops in Gibraltar–where guests can learn about “The Rock” and its history, including how it was an instrumental outpost defending the Mediterranean during WWII and how a British Signal Intelligence officer was inspired while stationed there to create the character, James Bond.

The final stop in Spain is Seville where guests can experience the birthplace of Tapas. Sampling these small portioned Spanish finger foods at various eateries can be an experience in and of itself but make sure to leave time to explore the Moorish history of the city.

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Azamara Italy Intensive Voyage

The Italy Intensive Voyages are also annual. It will include stops along the Adriatic in the Medieval cities of Sibenik and Dubrovnik, Croatia as well as Kotor Montenegro.  Consider these bonus historical and cultural destinations that have extensive cultural and historical links to Italy going back to their days as members of the Roman Empire. 

Ravenna is the first port in Italy you will visit. This northern Italian town is referred to as “the Mosaic City.” Ravenna is home to Dante’s Tomb, 1,500-year-old churches, and the Azienda Agricola Vignato Virgilio Winery. It is a perfect introduction to the well-known Italian wine culture.

After a sea day, guests visit Amalfi. The home of Limoncello and Le Dolce Vida, this is the quintessential Italian coastal city. Its cliffside roads and scenic overlooks provide gorgeous panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a great stop to sample local food and wine or to shop in the local stores.

Sorrento is your next port. This hillside city overlooks the isle of Capri. Guests can visit the Island which is divided into two sections. Each side of the island offers a different experience. While Capri is a perfect opportunity to indulge in Italian Luxury, Anacapri provides a more quaint and down-to-earth environment to enjoy the many lovely scenic vistas.

Your Italian Immersion continues with an overnight stop in Livorno. The picturesque canals located here have earned this city the nickname “Venezia Nuova” which means “New Venice.” Livorno is an excellent art, culture, and historical stop encompassing pristine examples of renaissance art, architecture, and museums.

The port of La Spezia is the gateway to Florence and Pisa. You will be able to visit the famous leaning tower or the capital of Tuscany, Florence. Here you will be able to visit the historical palazzos, piazzas, and churches of one of Italy’s finest cities. This stop is also an excellent chance to sample Tuscan wine and cuisine.

Your cruise will end in Civitavecchia, the port that services Rome.  Don’t miss your opportunity to extend your visit for more time to the Italian capital. It will be well worth the money. Rome is a city that never disappoints. To see all of the Roman Ruins, Renaissance works, Museums, and Vatican city you need some extra time. Cruises beginning or ending here offer the perfect set-up for a multiday tour of one of the World’s best cities for tourists. 

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Azamara Greece Intensive Voyage

The final itinerary on our list may be the best. During a Greece-intensive voyage, you will follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and the Ancient Greek Seafaring peoples through the Aegean archipelago. 

Your first stop is in Corfu, this scenic island is known for olive groves, lemon orchards, rugged cliffsides, and the historic Old Town. Enjoy a beach day in the city or tour the cobblestone streets and shops for a day of exploration. 

Your second port is Argostoli on the Island of Kefalonia. This modern city has sprung out of the traditional Greek roots and offers visitors excellent natural wonders of Drogati Cave and subterranean Melissani Lake. 

Azamara is one of the only cruise lines visiting Monemvasia, Greece. This city is seemingly untouched by time. With its Old World charms and architecture, this port is an excellent chance for exploration and relaxation.

You will continue your cruise in Crete at the port of Heraklion. This port has been conquered and claimed by the Arab, Venetian, and Ottoman Empires. Its strategic location has led to crossover from multiple cultures and remains an excellent opportunity for guests to experience the blended history of Crete. 

The next two stops are Santorini and Mykonos. These quintessential Greek Islands are the most popular ports in the Aegean. Both are beautiful and attract tourists year-round. The characteristic architecture of small white plaster structures with iconic blue-domed rooftops is on display in both cities, as well as beautiful beaches, 15th-century windmills, and endless opportunities for eating, shopping, and romance. 

From the next port, Kusadasi, you will have access to the ancient city of Ephesus. This is one of the most impressive and intact historical sites in the Mediterranean. You cannot miss the opportunity to tour the massive ancient Amphitheater, the Celsius Library, and the well-preserved terrace mansions of ancient elites.  Azamazing Evenings on each cruise are planned and announced while you’re onboard if yours is scheduled here make sure that you attend.

You will continue to Rhodes. This greek island is the legendary home of the Colossus of Rhodes. The massive statue honoring Zeus has since been destroyed. The only remains of this world wonder are the statue’s massive feet. History is not the only charm to this destination. Guests can also enjoy a donkey ride to the highest point of the town for marvelous views of their surroundings and St. Paul’s Bay.

Your cruise will end in Athens at the port of Piraeus. Again, Azamara has chosen to end the itinerary with a perfect opportunity for you to extend your stay for a deeper exploration of Greece’s historic capital. Allow yourself at least one extra night in town to spend a day exploring the ancient greek ruins and the Parthenon. Athens is home to excellent dining and nightlife in bustling local neighborhoods like the Monastiraki district. Athens has so much to offer that you will want extra time to take it all in.
These itineraries sail multiple times per year and might vary a little from port to port. To get a better idea of all of the wonderful destination-intensive itineraries and available dates, call us. You don’t need to do a ton of research when you have the experience of Luxury Cruise Connections advisors at your disposal to match your preferences to the perfect itinerary. Our concierge team can customize pre and post-cruise stays and coordinate your flights and hotels. All you have to do is tell us what you like to do and then go.

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