The Gem of the Aegean, Mykonos.

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A member of the Cyclades, an island chain in South Eastern Greece,  Mykonos is roughly 33 square miles and only rises about 350 ft above sea level at its highest point. During the day, the white plastered, low-lying structures and labyrinth of narrow stone streets are home to restaurants, art galleries, storefronts, and little quaint churches. When the sun goes down, the island is considered home to the most exhilarating nightlife in Greece. When you go, you will want to see it all, and That’s why we put together this guide to tell you how to get the most out of your visit to Mykonos.


Use a travel agent. What you want to find is a long port stay, overnight if possible. The longer you are in port the more opportunities you will have to enjoy all that Mykonos has to offer. If the goal is to experience the island’s thriving nightlife you need to find a ship that will be there at night. Believe me the nights in Mykonos offer something for everyone. If none are available, fear not, there are plenty of ways to experience this colorful destination in broad daylight. I will delve into that in a later section of this article.

It is important to find the smallest ship. Large vessels will dock at the port of Tourlos and cruisers will need to take a short bus ride to the city center. Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but if your goal is to maximize your time in town or the Chora as locals call it, we want to minimize your time spent in transit. The bus ride is not long, but I recently visited the island on a 400-passenger, Seabourn Cruise, and we were tendered directly to the city center and deposited within walking distance from many of Mykonos’ must-see landmarks. You can expect Silversea, Viking Ocean, Regent, or any ship smaller than 2,000 guests to anchor and tender. Make sure to have your agent double-check.

By picking a cruise with the longest time in port and by choosing a smaller-sized ship, You can enjoy a shore excursion to the neighboring Island of Delos, and be back with ample time to see all of the sites on the list, as well as, enjoy the shopping and dining in Mykonos.

Little Venice

Take a moment for refreshment at a waterfront bar or restaurant in the area known as Little Venice. Once the home of retired local sea captains, this picturesque area is now a bustling restaurant and shopping district. The homes and businesses spring right out of the harbor and look out over the turquoise waters of the Aegean, as well as the iconic 15th-century windmills, located nearby. 

Little Venice is an excellent area to take pictures, enjoy greek cuisine, or indulge in a cocktail) to beat the heat. It is a perfect location for brunch with your friends, or to pick up a souvenir for your family back home. I recommend Kazarma or La Maison de Katrin for a fine dining experience, but don’t be afraid to explore your options while you wander. The white plaster homes, restaurants, and storefronts with crawling Bougainville vines, domed rooftops, and colorful shutters are easily as beautiful as the sea views. You are sure to fall in love with the scenery of Mykonos over and over during your stay.


There are several amazing beaches in Mykonos. Choose based on your preference of crowd and ambiance. If you want a vibrant European beach party, I suggest Paradise or Super-Paradise. These beaches tend to cater to the younger crowd so if you go, I can’t promise there won’t be throbbing bass from a DJ or large crowds.

If you are looking for a more deserted, intimate beach location. Agios Stefanos, Agios Sostis, and Kalafati Beaches are all recognized as relaxing and secluded beaches. These beaches provide a more laid-back,  fun-in-the-sun experience. 

When planning your beach visit, make sure to work closely with your agent or concierge. Scenic beaches in Mykonos are so abundant that you can most likely find exactly what you are looking for with minimal research.

Shore Excursions

If your interests in Greece are more academic, You should consider a  short boat ride to the Island of Delos. The mythical birthplace of the Greek Goddess of the hunt, Artemis, and the god of the sun, Apollo, the island is home to one of the world’s largest active archeological sites. 

Guests visiting the island will be treated to the ruins of an ancient greek amphitheater, well-preserved mosaics, graffiti, stonework, and much more. Landmarks on the island also include the famous Lions of Delos, a series of marble lions facing east to herald the rising of the sun, in honor of the God, Apollo. 

Wear comfortable shoes, and bring lots of water. You will learn almost immediately upon arrival to Delos that the area enjoys a higher UV index than most of the world, so bring a tube of sunscreen that you trust or a parasol to help keep the sun off. We want you to see where Apollo was born, not fall victim to his wrath.

While touring the ruins is not very strenuous there is an opportunity to hike to a shrine at the highest point on the island after the tour. If you feel up to it physically, you should do it, waiting at the top is a breathtaking panoramic view of all of the ruins and, on a clear day, as many as 13 greek isles can be seen in the distance. Bring your camera.

Mykonos provides additional shore excursion options for cruisers in the form of historical city tours, wine, and culinary explorations, and many other intriguing cultural opportunities. Again this is where you should lean hard on your agent or concierge because Mykonos likely has exactly what you are looking for,  it is just a matter of identifying your needs and matching them to the correct experience. This is an art form that takes experience to master. Why not take advantage of all of the insider knowledge of Luxury Cruise Connections’ expert advisors? For a small island, Mykonos’ charm will have you wanting to come back again and again. We want to send you the custom vacation of your dreams. Be sure to be as forthcoming with your plans as possible so that your agent can find you exactly what you are looking for. You wouldn’t want to go all that way only to find out that there was something you never knew existed that you never knew you always wanted to see. 

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