Creative cuisine with any view you choose. Earth and Ocean on Seabourn

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Earth and Ocean is the next stop on our showcase of Seabourn’s excellent dining offerings. This innovative menu and atmospheric ambiance, are easily overlooked onboard if you aren’t paying attention. We were lucky enough to enjoy this restaurant in September, of 2022. Be our guest at our table as we share our impressions of dining under the stars at this fun concept.

The Ambiance

Earth and Ocean is an open-air venue on deck nine. During the day this area serves as the lunch buffet and pool snack bar. Both are excellent takes on expected features on any cruise line. When the sun goes down the stars come out, in the sky and on the menu. 

After dark, the pool deck is bathed in the lights of a neon sunset and the venue becomes a dining experience unlike anything else onboard. The privileged location on the ninth deck, Earth and Ocean, provides guests with panoramic views of the destination of your choice

The Concept

The view at Earth and Ocean is merely a compliment to the rotating menu of innovative, small, sharable dishes. Seabourn’s chefs take a quality over quantity approach as the menu consists of around 10 items that are rotated based on itinerary.  The menu is designed to be explored, but some items are marked if the portion is larger.  These are small plates that beg you to order the entire menu and pass dishes amongst your guests over wine and great conversation. 

Similar to tapas or dim sum, these small plates should be enjoyed in bulk and should inspire guests to experiment with combinations of flavors in the same way the chefs had a good time playing with the menu’s ingredients. 

On our voyage, the menu was as follows:

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The Verdict

Earth and Ocean was a bit of a surprise for us when we are aboard the Encore. Our favorite dish was the lovely seared octopus with lime zest emulsion. The octopus was cooked perfectly but it was the eggplant confit that brought this small plate “over the top” for us. 
To enjoy Earth and Ocean, remember that this restaurant is in the same location where onboard events are held in the evening. It is important to pay close attention to the schedule of events available to you via your in-suite television or the Seabourn Sheild App.  A seven-night cruise with three on-deck parties could limit your opportunity to experience this restaurant. Be sure to plan accordingly. Ask your travel agent to help you select an itinerary that will give you ample time to enjoy all of the onboard dining as well as the various locations you visit on your cruise.

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