Featuring stunning suites and 1:1 guest ratios, the future is bright for the Silver Endeavor

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Once the highly anticipated, expedition flag-ship of, financially embattled, Crystal Cruises, The Endeavor has found a new home and new life with SiIlversea Cruises. At its announcement, this state-of-the-art expedition ship was considered to be one of the finest and most luxurious new vessels to hit the market. Now after a minor hiccup, The Endeavor, has joined forces with a brand with a long pedigree for luxury exploration, and the anticipation of its relaunch is palpable amongst cruisers. I am here to tell you the buzz is warranted and we can’t wait to tell you all about this incredible new ship.

The Design

The Silver Endeavor represents a quantum leap in technology for Silversea’s Expedition Fleet. The ship is purpose-built with a polar class 6 hull, capable of breaking through the ice in polar regions. Allowing deeper exploration into the world’s most remote regions. Silversea will add a wealth of experience to the impressive hardware of the Endeavor.

1:1 Ratios

The Silver Endeavor will host 200 guests in all-suite, luxury accommodations. The ship boasts a 1:1 guest ratio, which will be one of the best guest-to-crew service ratios in expedition cruising. This translates into smaller groups for each Zodiac landing, more personalized service onboard, and nearly non-existent wait times.


The ship will also feature multiple dining, bar, and lounge venues. The details of Silversea’s plans to use what was once going to be dining rooms forPreggo and Umi Uma from Crystal has not been made public, but expect the incredible dining teams of Silversea to create excellent culinary experiences onboard.


Each of Silver Endeavor’s spacious suites will feature butler service and a private balcony. The ship has eight decks. Each of these luxurious accommodations will showcase marble and hardwood siding in the living and bathroom areas, designer furniture, and some of the most luxurious bedding and textiles in the industry.

Endeavor will have seven categories of suites, starting at 355 square feet for the introductory category, up to the cavernous, 1,900 square-foot, Owner’s Suite. One thing is for sure, guests cruising on this fantastic vessel will have plenty of space to explore, both on and off the ship.

 If you are a regular reader of this blog, expect a lot of future content devoted specifically to these suites. However, if you cannot wait to find out, Luxury Cruise Connections expert travel agents are available and happy to take you through detailed descriptions of each category. The Silver Endeavor is booking its 2022/2023 inaugural season now and will replace the Silver Explorer in Silversea’s existing fleet. If you want to be a part of this historical first season, there is still time to reserve your door-to-door luxury expedition, but act fast.

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