The importance of Sea Days during your cruise

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No matter how you cruise or where you are heading. It is important to remember to sprinkle in at least one day at sea when selecting your itinerary. This may sound counter-intuitive to the destination-focused cruiser but we are here to share the importance of sea days and how you should make the most of them.

All the Ship has to offer

We will admit that often we cruise we can get more excited about the destinations versus the ships themselves. We think the cruise lines would agree that each member of their respective fleets was designed specifically to compliment the ports and anchorages you will be visiting. The very definition of “compliment” means that one brings out the best in the other. Luxury cruisers know this. Waking up in a suite and enjoying the ever-changing scenery from your terrace is only made better with more time to enjoy it.  Having a cruising day lets you sleep in and enjoy the extra square footage a little bit more because there’s no pressure to leave.

It’s not just Suites, the standard luxury features on any top cruise line include world-class restaurants, a wide array of spa facilities and treatments, Pools and jacuzzis, concerts and shows, and even casinos. Even if these amenities are not your main priority when cruising, having a sea day or two will allow you to explore what you do and do not like about sailing at your own pace. Maybe you like the spa but you prioritize every day in port to be on an excursion, sea days allow you to explore the ship without feeling like you’re missing out on a destination.

You will most likely want to take full advantage of the many dining options while onboard, maybe you want to experience in-suite dining, or you want a second seating at your favorite restaurant? Sea Days make the best days to explore everything that comes with your suite. From beverage packages to butler service, you get more luxury on sea days than port days.

A Chance to Come Up for Air

A port every day puts pressure on you to be off of the ship every day. This is great, you get to see your favorite ports. Having recently returned from a seven-night cruise with no sea days, one of the most common complaints we heard was that guests didn’t have a chance to relax onboard between shore excursions. 

Sea Days provide a perfect opportunity to regroup by the pool and plan your next port visit at your own pace. They also make a great opportunity to trade stories with other cruisers, post those photos on social media, and reflect on your experiences without feeling the need to hurry off to your next adventure.

Making the most of Sea Days

Once you have identified the non-port days on your favorite itinerary, we suggest you reserve your spa treatment, preferred dinner reservation, or your seats for any shows (if available) in advance. This is another reason booking suites helps because you will get priority when scheduling these things in advance. You can bet most people onboard will be similarly planning their sea days.  This can give you an edge.

Once onboard, pay close attention to the schedule of events, if you identify any trivia games, musical events, spa treatments, or any other activity that interests you make note of it. Each day on a cruise offers many opportunities to participate in resort-style entertainment. Cruising days make the best time to sample these experiences.
The best way to plan your cruise is to communicate closely with your travel agent. Luxury Cruise Connections Advisors provide a relationship-based approach to evaluating our guests’ travel needs and matching them to the correct itineraries and experiences. With 30 years of travel experience and partnerships with luxury consortia like Virtuoso, no one is more qualified to provide you with the best advice to maximize your cruising schedule.

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