A Journey for Your Taste Buds Aboard Oceania Cruises

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We have all heard it said that Oceania has the Finest Cuisine at Sea. All cruise lines put an emphasis on their dining experiences. Most even claim their dining as one of the main pillars of the guests’ experience onboard. How is it that Oceania stays at the front of the pack when it comes to dining? Today we will take a closer look at the elements of Oceania’s dining success and make recommendations on how best to experience it.

Oceania’s culinary team scours the world for the best ingredients. Each element of your meal is hand-selected to meticulous specifications that ensure maximum authenticity and quality control. Every detail down to the custom-milled, french flour, is curated to ensure that every menu time is a Culinary Masterpiece.

The culinary experience can only ever be as great as the team preparing it. Oceania’s Chefs come from all around the world and bring with them a wealth of epicurean knowledge and accolades. Master Chefs, selected from Michelin-awarded restaurants, partner to proudly craft each element of your culinary journey onboard. Collaborations with the top names in the field of gastronomy, like renowned chefs Jacque Pepin and Alexis Quaretti, come to life in creative and fresh menu items that keep guests raving.

A variety of dining venues onboard, ensure that guests have a myriad of options of ambiance, flavors, and experiences. From the ever-popular Red Ginger, with its exotic Asian fusion menu, or Jacques elevated Parisian-Bistro, to the Polo Grill, a new take on the American Chophouse the options are limitless and the quality is maintained across each menu.

Perhaps the most unique and impressive features of the Oceania dining experience, are the creative and interactive programs that keep guests involved and menu items fresh. OceaniaNext is a program that ensures that fresh and innovative menu items are always being rotated in and out to avoid creative stagnation. Additionally, Culinary Discovery Tours are offered, and guests can enjoy itineraries tailored specifically to the culinary experience. Guests will participate in chef-led trips to local markets while in port. Learn about local culture through regional cuisine and ingredients. Guests can attend cooking classes in the Culinary Center or enjoy a wine pairing class in La Reserve. Programs like this offer unrivaled enrichment for foodies of any kind.

It is important to remember that to experience all there is to offer onboard, you do need to choose the larger vessels. The Oceania Marina, Riviera, and soon the Vista will be the destination for guests looking for the complete Oceania Culinary experience. Some venues are not available on the smaller vessels. For a closer look at Oceania’s Culinary Discovery Tours or specific availability of dining options onboard, always look to your experience advisor at Luxury Cruise Connections. The savvy foodie will benefit from a wealth of insider knowledge.

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