The One-Of-A-Kind Owner’s Suite on Viking Octantis

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The Owner’s Suite on the Viking Octantis is one-of-a-kind. Now that Viking is blazing its trail into the expedition cruising market the company has much of its future strategy tied up in this marvelous new ship. To meet these great expectations, Viking’s designers created the most luxurious and technologically advanced ship in their entire fleet. In doing so they also created the most extravagant suite in the entire fleet, and we will tell you why.

The Design

The Owner’s Suite is in the forward area of deck six on the port side. The room is over 1230 square feet, has seating in the living room for six, a private bedroom with a king-sized bed, a private nordic balcony, panoramic ocean views, a dining area, a private library, and a private garden with a jacuzzi.

The interior design of Owner’s Suites on Viking’s Ocean Fleets creates the ambiance of the quarters of a well-traveled academic with little touches to nod at the brand’s commitment to thoughtful exploration. On the Octantis they have modernized this concept. The library is back, the dining area can be converted into a boardroom, and there are little accouterments that send the message that a person of taste resides in these quarters. The addition of a telescope allows guests to explore the stars while at sea. A collection of music, books, and wine, curated by Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen, all lend to the overall effect. 

The room also features a spacious walk-in closet, a floor-to-ceiling drying locker, and a large master bathroom with dual sinks, a heated floor, and an anti-fog mirror are all practical features that will enhance the expedition experience.

The garden is adjacent to the suite and has private access. There is a badenstamp. This wood-sided hot tub is rooted in Scandinavian tradition and makes a great place to relax with a cocktail and enjoy the scenic vistas of your remote destinations.  The nearly 800-square-foot, private garden, is your personal refuge.



Viking doesn’t just design a big suite, they lavish you with additional amenities and services when you arrive. Owner’s Suite residents will be greeted with a bottle of champagne and a minibar stacked with their favorite spirits. Your minibar is replenished with drinks and snacks daily. The suite also comes with the Silver Spirits beverage package so you never have to wait for your minibar to be replenished to grab a cocktail.

When you book this suite you also receive priority booking for expedition activities, spa treatments, and 4 guaranteed seatings at the alternative restaurants. Viking even throws in laundry, dry-cleaning, and shoe-shining services. These are excellent inclusions on a ship that has expedition world cruise itineraries as long as 100 days.

The Owner’s Suite is the most in-demand accommodation on the Octantis. When you consider that Viking has itineraries on the Great Lakes of North America, this is the best suite available in that entire region for expeditions. Planning ahead will be key to securing your spot in this stunning accommodation. Luxury Cruise Connections’ team are experts in managing travel timelines and matching guests to the best itineraries and suites for their needs. If you want to reserve your spot in the Owner’s Suite we are the team to help you do it.

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