Silversea Cruises Brings S.A.L.T. to Cartagena

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Silversea Cruises and Granitos de Paz have joined forces to bring S.A.L.T, Silverseas’s legendary regional culinary exploration, to Cartagena, Colombia, with the arrival of the Silver Moon this December. This comes as a beneficial move for the brand, its guests, and the Colombian community. 

Granitos de Paz is a foundation that focuses on elevating culturally rich but economically vulnerable communities from poverty via meaningful, innovative, and repeatable programs, including tourism. 

Silversea Cruises recently introduced S.A.L.T. Sea and Land Taste is an immersive, destination-centric culinary exploration consisting of multiple onboard venues, experiences, and special shore excursions focusing on regional traditions, ingredients, and techniques. The program is exclusive to the Silver Moon and the Silver Dawn.

Silversea Cruises SALT in Cartagena
Silversea Cruises SALT comes to Cartagena via Silver Moon

The S.A.L.T. program for Cartagena consists of a full-day deep-dive into Colombia’s food culture, beginning in the Bazurto Market and includes a visit to Granitos de Paz foundation headquarters. 

“Colombia’s tourism strategy seeks to offer its visitors meaningful travel experience as they immerse in our natural biodiversity and where our local communities are the protagonists,” according to Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia, on behalf of Colombia’s Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism.

“This is why we celebrate welcoming cruise lines in Colombia, and we are thrilled with this arrival in particular since it brings an initiative, such as the S.A.L.T. program, that will contribute to supporting circular economies for the benefit of the locals, and it also allows our country in its path of achieving total peace within its territories, whilst offering new ways for international visitors to discover all the wonders of Colombia,” She added.

S.A.L.T. is now available in destinations such as Sicily, Ecuador, Greece, and now Cartagena. We expect to see this appealing program continue to expand with the addition of new ships to Silversea’s fleet on the way.

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