Quiz: Are you a true luxury cruise connoisseur?

Find out how much you know about luxury cruising and earn up to $120 onboard credits for your next trip.

(Most people can’t score even 50%).

This test is designed for avid luxury cruisers that enjoy trivia games and love to brag about their travel knowledge 😉

  • If you score 50%, you get $50 OBC
  • If you score 60%, you get $60 OBC
  • If you score 70%, you get $70 OBC
  • If you score 80%, you get $80 OBC
  • If you score 90%, you get $100 OBC
  • If you score 100%, you get $120 OBC

Yes, your travel partner can take it too, and receive OnboardCredit (OBC) certificate.

Terms and Conditions

  • You will receive a certificate via email with the amount of OBC after completing the test and submitting your information.
  • Onboard credits earned are for one person only per cabin.
  • They expire three months from today.
  • Bookings must be made through Luxury Cruise Connections.
  • The quiz is for travelers only, not for travel advisors or any other type of intermediary.

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