The Wintergarden Suite

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Seabourn is well known to cruisers as a top luxury experience in the cruise industry. A name synonymous with quality, detail, service, and exclusivity. Onboard any ship, one accommodation reigns supreme.

These suites are designed to embody every quality the brand stands for and meet every expectation of each guest. For Seabourn, that is the Wintergarden Suite and we are counting down the reasons why:

  • Space: Each Wintergarden Suite is 989 square feet plus an additional 197 square feet of private terrace to enjoy. Without the additional room, many of the following amenities wouldn’t matter so it is no secret why we like the added real estate to spread out on board.
  • Amenities: Every additional amenity on board is available for guests in the Wintergarden Suite. From personal suite attendants to in-suite wine and spirits. Your experience in the Wintergarden Suite will include every indulgence onboard.
  • Features: The Wintergarden Suites feature an excellent set of unique design touches. Guests will enjoy a solarium with a tub and daybed, a whirlpool jacuzzi on the terrace, space to host 6 for dining, an additional bathroom, extra clcloset space and that is just to name a few.
  • Personal Suite Hosts: A staple of the most high-end luxury accommodations, Seabourn provides excellent Suite Hosts. These talented individuals are your advocate on board and will go above and beyond to enhance your stay. Masters of anticipatory service, expect them to know your dining habits and schedule onboard within 24 hours of cruising. The devotion of these highly trained attendants is nothing short of remarkable.

As you may expect, demand for these Wintergarden Suites is very high; If you wish to secure one for your next vacation, it helps to have someone to guide you. Luxury Cruise Connections Expert Advisors are well versed in all luxury accommodations and have a proven record of securing the most exclusive suites on the most in-demand itineraries available. We relish the opportunity to use our decades of experience to make your travel dreams come true.

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