What is an AzAmazing Evening?

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Azamara Cruises has left the Royal Caribbean Group and is blazing its trail. As part of its new beginning, Azamara purchased and refurbished, its fourth ship in the Azamara Onward and re-committed itself to its values of providing guests with unmatched destination immersive travel. Among the offerings Azamara uses to keep its brand promise, is the AzAmazing Evening, a destination-specific, curated, cultural event designed to give guests an evening to remember. Today we take a closer look at the AzAmazing Evening and what guests can expect.


An AzAmazing Event is a private event designed specifically to provide Azamara guests with authentic travel moments that bring travelers closer to the culture, people, and destinations that they will encounter abroad. Azamara includes one of these unique cultural events on every 7-night or longer cruise except for repositioning itineraries.

The one-of-a-kind cultural events are designed to connect each cruiser with the people and places of each destination. These evening events are the difference between visiting a French Chateau in Marseilles and attending a jazz concert and cocktail party with local entertainment at a French Chateau in Marseille.

Destination Celebrations are Azamazing Evenings that are held without even having to leave the ship. Azamara will invite local performers, dignitaries, and luminaries onboard for cultural events in all of your favorite destinations.


The AzAmazing evening has become one of the cornerstones of Azamara’s destination immersion strategy. The events change from itinerary to itinerary so no two are the same and the experience stays fresh. Some of the Azamazing Evenings guests have enjoyed in the past include:

Remember the private concert in Marseille I mentioned? That happened. Guests were treated to a garden party at a French Chateau in Marseille. Complete with champagne and a local jazz quartet. Guests were treated to a truly French experience.

Another example of an Azamazing Evening is a private flamenco dance dinner performance in a traditional wine cellar on the grounds of a Spanish Vinyard. Local cuisine and wines complete the experience for a culturally enriching night onshore.

Onboard destination celebrations have hosted traditional tribal dancers from African Tribes, Buddhist Monks, Polynesian Ceiftans, and more.

As Azamara continues to grow as an independent cruise line, its commitment to destination-centric travel is renewed and remains the centerpiece of its small boutique hotel at sea offerings. AzAmazing Evenings are offered on all itineraries 7 nights or longer, except for repositioning cruises.

Luxury Cruise Connections’ Agents and Concierge team are here to help you choose your favorite destinations, secure your travel arrangements, and provide expert advice on how best to enjoy events like AzAmazing Evenings. Allow us to use our 30 years of experience to take care of every detail so you can start to relax long before you travel.

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