How the Regent Value Comparison Works

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Regent is known as a top luxury cruising product. Regent also boasts that it is the best value in the luxury market. But– how can this be when their competitors are usually priced lower? We are here to break down the Regent Value Comparison to show you how.

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Value in Luxury

Luxury implies that sacrifices in terms of price are made in the name of higher quality of experience. This higher tier of quality is called ”value.” In luxury cruising, additional value comes in the form of smaller ships, bigger suites, more attentive service, all-inclusive luxury amenities, and of course, exclusivity. While the words “low price” and “Regent Seven Seas” will never be mentioned in the same breath, the brand DOES pack an immense amount of value into a cruise.

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Business class flights are included when you book a cruise on Regent Seven Seas. No other brand includes this on all international itineraries at no additional cost. If you’re a points warrior, you can forgo the flights and receive a credit toward your cruise price. Additionally, guests won’t need to worry about getting from the airport to the ship or hotel because luxury car service is also included in your price. 

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Regent Seven Seas is truly all-inclusive onboard. All of the Michelin Star menus and venues are available free of charge. No additional expense is required for entertainment or shore excursions. Regent visits over 450 ports worldwide and includes unlimited tours and excursions in-port. Many brands claim to be all-inclusive but charge for excursions or only offer one included tour in each port, but no one offers as many options as Regent.

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The ships are lavishly appointed, and all of the amenities and details are top-of-the-line name-brand products. All of the accommodations are suites none smaller than 300 square feet, which allows Regent to brag that they offer unrivaled space at sea. The small size of these ships allows them to dock in smaller ports and guarantees small groups and no crowds at all of your favorite venues. Onboard you are hard-pressed to find anything you have to pay for. Your beverages, meals, gratuities, and excursions are all included, so you only spend on spa treatments, the casino,  and items purchased from shops. All of this adds tremendous value.

As if that was not enough, on many itineraries, guests are offered free pre or post-cruise stays in the top hotels in the areas you will be cruising. This is a further testament to the value of truly all-inclusive pricing with Regent Seven Seas.

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Regent Value

For your convenience, please view this list of free inclusions from Regent:

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While Regent is not a low-priced product, they do live up to their promise of packing incredible value into your vacation. Someone who walks into a Lamborgini dealership likely doesn’t expect a discount. What they do expect is to get a beautiful high-performance vehicle with the best of everything. The same is true of Regent Seven Seas and its clientele. They can make these claims because their clients know they can back them up. 

To see for yourself, schedule a call from the experts at Luxury Cruise Connections. Our long-standing partnership with Regent Seven Seas Cruises and leading consortia, like Virtuoso allow us specific expertise and additional promotions and amenities, making our agency an extension of the value that you expect from a brand like Regent.

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