Extra Space When You Need It Most: Azamara’s Club World Owner’s Suite


The Club World Owner’s Suite is the largest and most luxurious suite on the Azamara Onward. When sailing on a brand known for small premium ships and destination-intensive voyages, a suite’s extra square footage and luxury features are in high demand. Until you sail in one of your own, follow along, and we will tell you what awaits.

Design Features

The four Club World Owner’s Suites are located on the aft– or rearmost corners of the seventh and eighth decks. Due to this privileged location, guests enjoying this suite will bask in the sun on large, 233-square-foot private balconies. Aft-facing and corner terraces, particularly on higher decks, offer the best panoramic views at sea. 

The suite’s interior features a large living room and a separate bedroom to accommodate a maximum of four. Azamara uses a contemporary interior design characterized by light neutral colors and organic materials. It comes fully loaded with premium sheets and pillows, flat-screen interactive TVs, a minibar, and a dressing vanity. The restroom comes complete with marble counters and showers. The sofa converts to accommodate a third and fourth guest, making this suite ideal for families at sea. The additional storage and lounging space of a 603-square-foot room should be a high priority. Azamara Onward has both suites as standard staterooms, so fewer options are available to guests seeking a more luxurious destination immersion

Complimentary Features

Booking a Club World Owner’s Suite also provides a nice list of additional features. Azamara offers inclusive amenities like basic beverages, tips, and self-service laundry with all reservations, but guests in the top suites also get upgraded bedding, unlimited wifi, shoe-shine services, fresh flowers, English ButlerService, and, our favorite of all, complimentary specialty dining.

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Fine touches also enhance your time in port, like using binoculars, walking sticks, umbrellas, and a tote bag you get to keep. They even give you additional onboard credit to get you started on your excursions, spa treatments, or any onboard purchases. 

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Azamara is a very specialized brand. Guests who crave longer stays in port and fewer days at sea generally do not get excited about features like casinos or waterslides. Comfort and space are much more important while using the ship as your floating hotel. Azamara knows this of their cruisers and has tailored the experience of sailing in a Club World Owner’s Suite to enhance their destination-centric experience.

There are only four Club World Suites available on the Azamara Onward. For the best opportunity to secure yours, be sure to contact the team at Luxury Cruise Connections. Our agency maintains priority waitlists on sold-out suites, keeps a pre-registration list for upcoming itinerary releases, and has established close relationships with members of Azamara’s corporate teams. These benefits and more can be yours on every cruise you book. 

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