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Venice is like no other city in Italy. The historical birthplace of Marco Polo, the world’s most famous explorer and home of the Medicis, a prominent banking family dynasty responsible for funding many of the most impressive artists of the Renaissance. To see Venice is to love it, and in today’s article, we are taking you on a tour of our favorite sites. 

The Doge’s Palace

This may be the most recognizable building in Venice. The former residence of the Doge- or supreme authority of Venice. This Venetian Gothic edifice can be found in St. Mark’s Square. The palace was also home to apartments, administrative offices, and prisoners. The building has been added multiple times, including an annex serving as a prison. While visiting the palace, check out the Bridge of Sighs, another Venetian landmark built in the early 1600s to connect the Doge’s Palace to the new prison sights across the canal. Today the structure is home to a museum.


Rialto Bridge

Originally built as a pontoon bridge and reconstructed multiple times before assuming its current form, the Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge crossing the Grand Canal. The bridge was a vital link to the Rialto Market, an important commercial center. After it collapsed, the bridge was rebuilt with its current stone structure. At the time, many considered construction impossible and that the project would be doomed to fail. The Rialto Bridge still stands in defiance as one of the top tourist attractions in Italy.

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Piazza San Marco

Home to many of Venice’s most iconic sites. The city’s central plaza is the Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark’s Square. As it is locally known, the Piazza is dominated by the Basilica of St. Mark. This Romanesque church is a significant point of pride for the city of Venice and is adorned with carvings depicting the rivalry between the Venetians and the Genoese. Other notable landmarks located around the plaza are the St. Mark’s Clock Tower, The Doge’s Palace, and the historical statue, The Lion of Venice, to name a few. 


Take a ferry to the Island of Morano to see the home of Venice’s most famous craftsman. Murano is known for producing Venetian glass. While visiting, guests can view a glass-blowing demonstration or purchase their souvenirs.

The Island is also the site of the Church of Santa Maria and San Donato. This impressive Romanesque Church is known for its intricate and colorful floor mosaic and is said to be the final resting place of a slain dragon. 

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The Grand Canal

 If the Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice, the Grand Canal is its soul. The sunken city’s main waterway is one of the most romantic sites on the planet. No trip to Venice is complete without a gondola ride past the ornate palazzos and mansions lining its banks. The canal is Venice’s primary form of conveyance for people, goods, and services. This historic channel is the site of many of Venice’s traditional celebrations, including the Regata Storica, a citywide celebration and rowing tournament. 

There are few cities in Europe more recognizable than Venice. The winding canals, turquoise lagoon, and historic architecture capture the attention and imagination of throngs of tourists every year. As a result, accessing the city directly via cruise ship is becoming more challenging due to crowding at the local port. Despite the challenge, Venice remains one of the most popular tourist destinations on Mediterranean itineraries.

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