Why you should trust a luxury cruise travel agent to book your next vacation


Rumor had it that travel agents would no longer be useful once the Internet placed every single airline, cruise liner, and hotel in the hands of consumers. Enough time has passed though, and the reality is travel agents are going stronger than ever. Why? It’s simple: They make your life easier – and who wants worries and hassles when planning their vacations? 

When it comes to luxury travelers and cruisers particularly, the knowledge and expertise of a luxury cruise travel agent becomes even more important. You may think of yourself as the savviest of all travelers, but when planning a big-budget trip even the best of us can succumb to the struggle of browsing through an infinite number of apps and websites to get the most out of it. 

Sure, booking directly with a cruise line may seem convenient, but it’s like planning a gourmet dinner without a Michelin-starred chef. A luxury travel agent is your culinary maestro, guiding you through the labyrinth of options and ensuring you savor every delectable detail of your journey.


Why you should trust a luxury cruise travel agent to handle your next trip:

With the travel landscape changing constantly, new cruise ships popping out every week, and information overload every time you try to look for a hotel or honest review – there are a lot of travel landmines to go around when planning your trip, all of which a luxury cruise travel agent – or travel advisor in this case – can easily help you avoid. 

On top of that, top cruise lines in the industry trust their travel advisors as well, hence offering special discounts, complimentary amenities and so many other benefits not available to the general public. Add to it the Virtuoso travel network, a global web of luxury travel advisors of which only the top travel agents and agencies in the world can be part, and the list of perks of hiring a specialist to help you handle your trip keeps going. 

Getting more value out of your investment

It is a common misconception to think arranging your travel plans by yourself will help you save money. As mentioned above, this may not be the case though, especially in the luxury cruise realm. 

A specialized luxury cruise travel agent’s job has most likely been in the industry long enough to gather a great set of contacts. This comes with the added benefit of having supplier relationships in place, meaning the best possible discounts, packages and savings will be handed to the agents who are continuously referring clients to companies. 

When working with a luxury cruise travel agency, such as Luxury Cruise Connections, you will not only be able to get access to these exclusive deals and discounts but also package deals, offering all sorts of added perks such as hotel, transfers, and air at a price you will never find on TripAdvisor!

Once you get more than expected for the same price, you can be sure you have found yourself a great deal. With a luxury cruise travel agent by your side, this is bound to happen each time. More often than not, our travel advisors can easily negotiate stateroom upgrades, free shore excursions, onboard credits, complimentary drinks or fine dining and so much more. This is what you get when working with a Virtuoso Travel Agency.


The Virtuoso Benefits

As a network of top-tier travel agencies in the luxury industry, the Virtuoso seal is one to look out for when choosing a travel advisor. Booking up to $26 billion in travel per year, the Virtuoso network works with top destinations and travel suppliers globally, meaning a Virtuoso travel agent gives you access to a world of in-the-know expertise, travel perks, support, and connections you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. 

From welcome-aboard receptions and dedicated onboard hosts to private cars and drivers, pre-paid gratuities, specialty dining, and Virtuoso-exclusive shore excursions… The list of benefits just goes on and on, hence why at Luxury Cruise Connections we feel so proud of not only being a part of this network but also having a team composed of 50% of Virtuoso Cruise Icons, a recognition given to only 1% of Virtuoso travel advisors globally. 

As a traveler, having a Virtuoso Icon advisor by your side means receiving special support throughout your journey, in-the-know expertise about both your destinations and the cruise line you are boarding, and an overall superior experience.


VIP Connections and Treatment

Skip the queues, the waiting, and the frustration. Working with a luxury cruise travel agent is the fastest, most direct way to secure priority boarding, preferred dining reservations, and even VIP access to exclusive events and onboard experiences. You will feel like royalty, from embarkation to disembarkation.

Whether you are trying to secure a Grand Suite onboard a leg of Regent Seven Seas’ coveted World Cruise, or hoping to surprise your family with an all-inclusive vacation in the exclusive and newly deployed Ritz-Carlton Yacht, it is your luxury cruise agent the one who will be able to make it happen. From early check-ins, or hard-to-get dinner reservations to a city’s top art expert as your private museum guide on the port, there is nothing personal connections made by someone who has been in the industry long enough can’t get. 

In the age of experiential travel, no one wants to be just a tourist snapping pictures at monuments, so having a top travel advisor by your side is the key to experiencing those one-of-a-kind moments you never would have imagined in the first place. 

The expertise and support of a team that knows best

With countless destinations, ships, and itineraries, choosing the perfect cruise can be a dizzying affair. Your travel agent cuts through the confusion, matching your desires (adventure seeker, cultural connoisseur, or sun-kissed beach bum?) to the ideal voyage.

Forget tourist traps and overcrowded excursions. Your agent, a seasoned navigator of the world’s most coveted destinations, will recommend off-the-beaten-path ports, hidden coves, and insider experiences to leave you breathless.

While no one can possibly know everything there is to know about travel, a luxury cruise travel agent has a team of experts backing them up, adding to their own expertise. 

When booking with Luxury Cruise Connections this means you not only have a dedicated travel advisor by your side, but also a personal Concierge, plus the support of travel agents who, all together, sum up more than 50 years of experience in the field. 


A good travel advisor is not only someone who helps you plan your trip but an expert counselor. At our agency, in particular, we make sure to develop personal relationships with each client, getting to know their preferences and those of their travel companions. 

Are you a golfing aficionado traveling with the whole family? No worries, we will find you the right cruise ship offering golf trips as part of their shore excursions, while securing your wife and children the activities they prefer. This applies to anything: from booking pre or post-cruise hotels considering your budget and preferences to providing specialized assistance, mobility aids, transfers, and airline tickets – an expert travel agent can even help you choose when the best time to take that trip is, allowing you to witness the Aurora Borealis in full force, or avoid the rainy season in the Maldives to ensure the best tan possible. 

“From the moment you make your reservation to when you come back for your trip, there will always be someone taking care of you”, says Monica Anderson, one of our luxury cruise travel agents, and Virtuoso Icon nonetheless. She means it, as she recounts the story of waking up at 3 AM in Miami to answer a client’s call from Spain, once their transfer to port failed to show up. This is the type of support you simply can not get from just any cruise line or travel agency. 

From flight delays to natural disasters and unexpected itinerary changes, your travel agent is your calm amidst the storm. A good travel agent will oversee your journey as you are enjoying it, often catching unexpected situations before you even notice them. They handle logistical hiccups with grace and efficiency, ensuring your vacation remains smooth sailing, even when the seas are rough. 

Overall, investing in a luxury cruise travel agent is more about buying yourself peace of mind. Your advisor becomes your personal concierge, your confidante, and your advocate. They listen to your desires, understand your budget, and negotiate on your behalf, ensuring every aspect of your voyage exceeds your expectations.

So, why choose a luxury travel agent? Because your dream vacation deserves more than just a booking confirmation. It deserves the expertise, insider knowledge, and unwavering dedication of a professional who understands the art of crafting an unforgettable journey. Embark on your luxury cruise with a trusted guide by your side, and let the magic unfold.

Ready to set sail on your dream voyage? Contact us today and let our luxury travel experts tailor your unforgettable adventure!

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