Your Guide to the Sights and Sensations of Singapore

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As a  tourist destination, Singapore has exploded in popularity in recent years. The ultra-modern and increasingly eco-friendly city-state is home to thriving markets, unique neighborhoods, and gorgeous urban green space. Read on and enjoy the most popular activities in one of the world’s most intriguing cities.

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Singapore is known for its abundance of natural opportunities in an urban setting. The first stop on your list should be the Singapore Botanical Gardens. This UNESCO-listed tropical oasis houses the National Orchid Garden, a manmade forest featuring 300 varieties of rare orchids. 

For more fragrant gardens, visit the Gardens by the Bay. Under the futuristic biodomes, you will find themed gardens featuring regional flora and fully-grown trees. Among the gardens, you will walk through installation art and sculptures. The most recognizable feature is the high-tech super trees which come to life in color during the evening Garden Rhapsody show.



Another must is to visit one of Singapore’s fantastic museums. The city has emerged as one of the world’s leading cultural destinations, housing the National Gallery of Singapore, the National Museum, the Peranakan Museum, and the Asian Civilizations Museum. Guests are welcome to lose themselves in historical topics from Asian art to World War II history. 

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Hawker Centers

These urban food halls are a foodie’s dream. Over 100 Hawker centers are located within the city. These bustling markets are intrinsically linked to Singaporean culture and have been Unesco-recognized. There are few better opportunities to explore dishes like satay, a variety of barbequed meats, and other local bites.

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Colonial District

Explore the grand colonial architecture of the former British trade legation. This enclave still showcases the original colonial buildings. Guests can also tour the more modern architecture of the waterfront, nearby museums, and parks.

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An excellent introduction to Singaporean nightlife, Chinatown juxtaposes traditional shrines and architecture with trendy restaurants and lively bars. This bustling neighborhood is another superb dining opportunity and a great shopping destination. Make sure to take pictures of the ever-expanding skyline of the Central Business District.

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