Here is why you should get on board a Christmas Market cruise

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For someone who enjoys both Christmas and cruises, a Christmas Market cruise may just as well be the perfect itinerary. After all, nothing is quite as charming as sipping on mulled wine while strolling under the twinkling lights of Europe’s most iconic Christmas Markets. 

If you are still wondering about the logistics and whether or not this is something worth going after, our travel advisors are happy to guide you into all of the reasons why you should be booking a Christmas Market cruise this season. 

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Avoid the holiday stress and find new joy in your Christmas shopping 

Christmas shopping can be a stressful affair at home, but doing so over a Christmas Market suddenly turns it into a one-of-a-kind experience. 

During a Christmas Market cruise, you are bound to visit a wide array of Markets, with luxury cruise companies providing itineraries ranging from 4 to 10 days onboard. This guarantees the gifts you place under the tree once you are back home will certainly be unique. 

From wooden toys to leather goods, hand-blown glass, and specialty liqueurs, the key to market shopping is taking it easy – on an average Christmas Market cruise you may visit as many as 10 different markets, finding along the way items particular to each town where the market is located. 

Even walking amongst the crowds will be a completely different experience than the one you find at your local shopping mall around the season. Take a stroll, enjoy the view, and allow the ambiance to absorb you. 

You will find the biggest stress will be making yourself understood by a non-English speaking market stall attendant (nothing Google Translate or some sign language can’t solve), and whether or not you have enough cash at hand in the rare case credit cards are not accepted. 

Be glad to know as well that Christmas Market cruises come with no luggage restrictions, so there is no need to worry about how much you are bringing back home with you. 

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Enjoying the magic of Christmas in a whole new way

Europe, with its rich history and diverse cultures, is the ultimate destination for Christmas Market cruises. Picture yourself strolling through charming medieval towns and historic city centers, each transformed into a winter wonderland of festivity. From the cobblestone streets of Vienna to the romantic canals of Amsterdam, these markets offer a delightful blend of tradition and joyfulness.

One of the most compelling reasons to embark on a Christmas Market cruise is the opportunity to immerse yourself in centuries-old holiday traditions. 

These markets are more than just places to shop; they are windows into the heart of European Christmas culture. Savor the taste of seasonal treats like gingerbread cookies and roasted chestnuts, and witness the craftsmanship of artisans showcasing their handcrafted ornaments and gifts.

Most cruises will grant you the opportunity to visit some of these Christmas Markets at night, where you can truly witness the magic of light decorations adorning the stalls, squares, and towns where they take place.

Let’s not forget the scenery onboard, as river cruises are particularly special for the landscapes they offer while you sail through river banks. Add to that the seasonal charm of winter scenery, often dusted by snow, and you have a wonderful setting from where to enjoy your warm cocoa along fellow cruisers. 

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Christmas Market cruises offer an experience even the most seasoned travelers will find unique

For those accustomed to luxury cruising, a Christmas Market cruise offers a unique departure from the ordinary. It’s a chance to see Europe’s iconic cities and countryside in a whole new light, adorned with festive decor and an atmosphere of joy. The cruise itself becomes an integral part of the adventure, as you journey from one enchanting destination to another.

While the allure of famous markets like the Strasbourg Christmas Market or the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt is undeniable, Christmas Market cruises also introduce you to lesser-known gems. 

Smaller towns and villages along the route often host their own delightful markets, providing a more intimate and authentic experience. These off-the-beaten-path discoveries are where the true magic of the season can be found.

The sight of beautifully decorated stalls, the sound of carolers singing in harmony, the taste of traditional cuisine, the touch of handcrafted goods, and the aroma of holiday spices all combine to create a tapestry of experiences.

Taste local cuisine, and enjoy the various seasonal activities offered by each itinerary, such as taking a romantic, horse-drawn carriage along the city of Bruges, or savoring some baked apples as you witness the Christmas-themed entertainment in Hamburg. 

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Fewer crowds, both on and off-board

While Christmas Markets may be busy, in terms of traveling winter is a much quieter season than summer. This comes with smaller crowds wherever you go, a more intimate cruising experience, and shorter waiting times to witness favorite attractions. 

Also, cruise prices during this season can be as much as 30% lower than during the high season, which translates to lower airfares and hotel stays as well. Many cruise lines also provide enticing offers around this time of year, something with which your travel advisor will be able to help. Ask for early booking incentives and exclusive packages, ensuring you get the most out of your holiday adventure.

Traveling is not just about seeing new places; it’s about creating lasting memories, and a Christmas Market cruise can be the perfect opportunity to do so. 

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