The Two Very Different Ways to see Tahiti with Windstar

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Tahiti is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. This remote island nation, deep in the South Pacific, is steeped in tradition, shelters diverse flora and fauna, and is home to awe-inspiring scenery.

Windstar is one of the only cruise lines that maintain a year-round presence in the region. The two different types of vessels operating in Windstar’s fleet allow you to experience these beautiful islands from 2 very different lenses. Today we will compare the two ways you can experience Tahiti with Windstar, but first let’s take a look at this wonderful destination.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

This lush Island nation offers guests a taste of all of the various experiences the South Pacific has to offer. These turquoise coasts are the ancestral home to the indigenous sea fairing tribes of French Polynesia. The descendants of these tribes of mariners still inhabit the region and welcome millions of tourists to their islands every year. Intrepid travelers cross oceans to chase waterfalls, savor the island flavors, walk the pristine beaches, and explore the hidden world beneath the azure waves. Luxury, romance, history, culture, and beauty can be found in every port, every vivid sunset, and every experience on this stunning itinerary.

Star Breeze

The first experience Windstar offers is the recently “stretched” motor-yacht, Star Breeze. With accommodations for 312 guests, ocean views from each 277-square foot suite. The Star Breeze provides guests with the contemporary small vessel cruising experience. This ship is large enough to provide space for guests to move around and enjoy themselves without being so large as to have to sacrifice the ability to access smaller off-the-beaten-path beaches and anchorages.

The Star Breeze also features additional onboard experiences like Cuadro 44, Windstar’s contemporary Spanish restaurant. This menu features the tapas and entrees of all of the regional flavors of Spain and was designed by Anthony Sasso.

Wind Spirit

The second option is for the dreamers. The 148-guest Wind Spirit is a luxury sailing yacht. This is the cruising world’s equivalent to a cozy log cabin for two in some far-off place. The teak decks, billowing white sails, and panoramic vistas capture the romance of a bygone era of maritime exploration. The intimate accommodations are the perfect hideaway for honeymooners or those celebrating anniversaries. The nature of the sailing vessel requires that there be no balconies and space is a little more at a premium, but for those that this type of experience in Tahiti calls to, these features won’t be missed. The Wind Spirit is a connoisseur’s cruise for those who romanticize experience over features.

Is one option clearly better than the other? No. Windstar has been operating in Tahiti for 35 years. They know the destination, it’s people, their customs, and how to expose visitors to all of it. You are in great hands. There is, however, the best way to visit Tahiti for you. Whether you want to have a unique experience aboard the Wind Spirit or a more familiar experience with the Star Breeze, the experienced Travel Experts at Luxury Cruise Connections are well equipped to match you to the correct experience for all of your travel needs.

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