Ponant’s Explorer Ships, designed for the journey in the spirit of their namesake’s


Perhaps the main pillar of Ponant’s cruising philosophy is the spirit of exploration. Already a leader in luxury, all-inclusive cruising Ponant’s itineraries are designed for inquisitive minds, curious souls, and adventurous hearts. To complement the intrepid spirit of its brand, Ponant has created a class of ship to bring guests closer to the people, places, and experiences they long for while honoring the history of France’s greatest adventurers. These are the Explorer Ships and these are the features we can’t wait to show you.

The Explorers

Each of the six ships in this class is named after one of France’s most storied navigators. Together they make up the bulk of Ponant’s main fleet. The ships are named:

Each mega-yacht is an expedition vessel capable of taking guests to more remote ports and anchorages and is packed with luxury features and amenities that would surely bring pride to the illustrious namesakes of each vessel.


These expedition yachts have sleek lines and bold modern designs. The ships strike a balance between immersive adventure and 5-star luxury. Guests will enjoy all-inclusive amenities, ultra-luxe accommodations, world-class dining, and award-winning French hospitality onboard.

Each ship features a host of technological features to ensure as little impact to the fragile environments and delicate ecosystems guests will visit Shore landings are performed by zodiac, rigid-inflatable boats under the expert guidance of Ponant’s expedition team.

Design Highlights

Suites and Staterooms

The Explorer Ships feature 92 staterooms and suites. Ranging from the 204-square- foot Deluxe Stateroom to the cavernous 485-square-foot Owner’s Suite, every accommodation includes a private balcony with light airy color schemes and top-shelf linens and amenities. The rooms onboard offer a quiet sanctuary to reflect on the experience of each day and prepare for tomorrow’s adventures.


The dining onboard stays true to Ponant’s celebration of French living. Ponant’s gastronomists unleash their passion for cuisine with refined menu selections of locally sourced and sustainably produced ingredients. We recommend Le Nautilus as your first stop. This eatery is unique amongst Ponant’s offerings. Guests can enjoy salads, desserts, and cheeses buffet style, order hot plates to be served tableside, and enjoy indoor or outdoor seating.

The Grill is the next restaurant to visit. This patio dining experience overlooks the pool deck so guests can enjoy their chophouse selections with a view of their surroundings.

The Coup De Gras

If you are a regular reader of this blog, don’t ruin the surprise. Onboard the Explorer Ships, Ponant has developed a truly unmatched one-of-a-kind experience. The Blue-Eye Lounge may be the most impressive feature of any ship sailing. This multi-sensory experience cannot be understated. Guests will descend beneath the waterline into an acoustically designed lounge with a large viewing oculus for guests to observe the underwater world. The flowing architecture and an array of underwater hydrophones combine to allow guests to hear wildlife and marine activity surrounding the ship for 3 miles in each direction. If there is one feature of any ship that is simply unmatched, this is it.

The spirit of exploration is alive and well with Ponant, and the explorers who share their names with these vessels would surely be proud of these impressive ships. Your cruise should be the adventure, not getting to it. Leave the planning to experienced professionals. Let Luxury Connections help match you to the perfect itinerary for you.

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