Join us for an evening at Red Ginger. Oceania’s Exotic Pan Asian Restaurant

red ginger

Oceania continues to impress cruisers with new and innovative dining concepts that push the boundaries of culinary-focused experiential travel. Oceania boasts that they provide the finest dining at sea. They back up this claim with several excellent dining experiences.

Red Ginger is Oceania’s Pan Asian restaurant and it reminds us that sometimes the finest dining at sea, doesn’t require an interactive seminar or a guided cooking class. Sometimes it is as simple as providing an excellent atmosphere, the finest ingredients, and serving creative dishes. Red Ginger teaches us that excellence doesn’t require reinventing the wheel, sometimes you just have to serve the best food. Read on to see 5 menu items we couldn’t resist at Red Ginger.

  1. Skewers, sushi, and tempura (serves up to 4) are meant to be shared . You will find that the author of these blog posts is a sucker for shareable dishes on cruise ships. It adds an element of familiarity to the dinner table. This assortment of lamb, beef, chicken, and prawns comes with an assortment of chef-selected sushi and tempura, perfectly suited to be passed around the table among friends.
  2. BBQ Baby Back Rib Salad with apple and miso glaze is a must-have. Just like your doctor, my bosses suggest that I sprinkle a salad or two into our blog posts. Oceania’s chefs make it pretty easy with delicious options like this.
  3. The Carmelized Tiger Prawns are a delightful appetizer. Perfect if you like a little spice to your dishes. Served with onions, scallions, and bathed in a delightful chili garlic sauce, this simple dish is a fantastic interlude before your entree
  4. Red Snapper wrapped in a banana leaf served with makrut lime, chili paste, and green olive salt. Honestly, the seafood selections on this menu are a pescatarian’s delight and it was not easy to narrow this down. Remember as you order Red Ginger is complementary so experiment often and maybe pencil in a couple of visits to this dining room to try all of your favorites. The gorgeous presentation and excellent combination of flavors in this dish will not disappoint.
  5. Seven Spices Crusted Lamb Rack is my favorite dish on the menu. The dish consists of a succulent rack of lamb with shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, and wasabi lamb jus. Excellent vegetarian options are available on this menu but this is about as far away from that as you can get.

Honorable Mention:

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream – You thought we would write one of these without a dessert? Absolutely not, the dessert menu is a perfect example of how familiar items done well can still impress. This, seemingly straightforward, icecream dish is an excellent palette cleanser to end your meal.

This dining venue is only available on the Marina, Sirena, and the Riviera. Oceania also does not repeat itineraries often due to the size of its fleet. Red Ginger is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most popular restaurants in the cruise industry. All of these facts, make the assistance of an experienced travel advisor vital to secure your seat at the table on the perfect itinerary for you. Popular itineraries on Oceania sell out quickly so if you have a destination in mind to complement your culinary journey, Luxury Cruise Connections’ team of advisors knows the exact timeline to get the most value, best rooms, and earliest opportunities to reserve onboard experiences.

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