Penthouse Suites on Seabourn, when you love more luxury


We believe that if you are considering sailing with one of the top luxury brands in the world, you should have a peek at the top category of suites to experience the maximum amount of luxury available. We also recognize that sometimes guests, don’t need to book a Wintergarden Suite to get the most value out of their cruise. Plus the highest categories are not always available due to high demand and limited supply. Sometimes you just want extra space, a better view, and even more amenities and services.  For Seabourn sailors, we believe the Penthouse Suite is the perfect mid-level suite to do just that.


Allow us to familiarize you with the features of the suite before we begin with the pros and cons of choosing a Penthouse versus a Veranda Suite. Upon entering your Penthouse you will find yourself in an entry hallway with access to your restroom either to your left or right depending on the orientation of your suite. 

While looking forward you will see directly out of your private balcony’s sliding glass doors. As you continue past the restroom, you will pass a spacious walk-in closet, and find your king-sized bed within an etched-glass partition. While it is not a separate bedroom, it is a nice visual feature and does offer an added layer of privacy with its blackout curtains.

Just outside the bedroom, you will find the spacious living area with a comfortable sofa, ample desk and vanity, and a fully stocked bar. 

The Benefits

You book Seabourn for luxury, you made a value judgment that increased quality of the experience is worth additional investment. That same line of reasoning translates to room selection. By choosing a Penthouse you get:

  • More Panoramic views from your Balcony– The Penhouse Suites are located in more premium locations on higher decks. For example, during our recent cruise on the Encore, our Penthouse was on deck eleven. The higher the deck on which your room is located, the wider your field of vision from your balcony. 
  • More Interior and Exterior Square Footage– These suites are 436 square feet with a 98-square-foot balcony as opposed to 246-square feet and 68-square feet of balcony.  All that extra square footage becomes more and more valuable the longer your itinerary. All of these benefits do.
  • More privacy in the restroom– further to the point of additional space, having a separate bathtub and shower area with a private commode is an excellent luxury. These suites are designed for two guests any additional privacy in the restroom is a blessing.
  • More of everything– There is a clear theme here. The Penthouse Suite gets you more. From additional canapes to a Nespresso machine to upgraded internet. Those little details are why you chose Seabourn in the first place, why not get more of them?

Any time you are considering going on a cruise, lean heavily on the experience of a great Travel Agent. Luxury Cruise Connections Advisors‘ priority is to assist you with selecting the perfect accommodation on the right cruise line for you.   Our partnerships with leading luxury travel consortia, like Virtuoso, guarantee that we can provide you with the most value on any booking.

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