Our Favorite Features of Virgin Voyages Scarlett Lady

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Virgin Voyages’ first ship, the Scarlett Lady is hitting her stride in the Caribbean. We had the privilege of experiencing this action-packed new ship and are excited to share our favorite features of this fantastic product. Follow along to find out what this leading lady has in store for you.

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Twenty + Eateries

Virgin designed Scarlett Lady for foodies. The ship is home to over twenty gourmet eateries. Gone is the buffet, and in its place is a chic food hall reminiscent of New York or Miami’s current trendy food halls.  This was one of the most impressive moves Virgin made when designing this ship. It is immediately recognizable as new and different, one of the main objectives of Sir Richard Branson’s latest vision.

Virgin Voyages enlisted the talent of Michelin Star Chefs like Brad Farmerie and Sohui Kim when designing their impressive menus. All dining is included from Brunch at the Wake to Korean BBQ and Sake Bombs at Gunbae. 

Great eats are available 24/7 from the Noodle Bar or late-night Pizza. Dining on Scarlett Lady follows your schedule. Each dining venue includes a specialty bar so the party never ends. 

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In order to keep the experience fresh, Virgin also decided to drop the broadway-style shows in favor of more modern, immersive entertainment. The brand enlisted some of the world’s most in-demand directors, choreographers, and artists. Virgin started as a record label all those years ago and has a reputation to maintain. The result is an electric line-up of festival-style entertainment. 

Guests are invited to “get a little cheeky” with Resident Sexologist Dr. A. Guests will learn, and laugh along in this interactive late-night cabaret. Don’t worry about having to cover your kid’s eyes because Virgin Voyages is strictly eighteen and up. Feel free to be a little naughty onboard. It’s encouraged.

Duel Reality is a re-telling of the classic Romeo and Juliet with an acrobatic twist. Watch one of the greatest stories ever “re-told” as the stars perform death-defying feats.

Our favorite is Ships in the Night, a visually striking and edgy production that explores the beauty and significance of chance encounters during personal journeys. 

Other entertainment venues include the Manor, one of cruising’s most alluring nightclubs, and much more. 

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Guests onboard will enjoy one of the most comprehensive wellness programs at sea. Redemption Spa is a sanctuary of relaxation onboard. This health spa offers everything from Seaweed Wraps to Mud Baths. Have a steam in the sauna or relax in the loungers but make sure to take some “you time” when you can.

Scarlett Lady also offers Dry Dock, a full-service salon, onboard. Feel free to get a blowout before dancing the night away at the Manor or touch up that pedicure before you go to the pool. 

Our favorite of the more irreverent offerings onboard is Squid Ink, Virgin’s first-ever tattoo parlor at sea. Take home a souvenir that will last you a lifetime in the form of a “sweet tat.”

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Rockstar Quarters

The most important feature on every ship is your room. Virgin used its Rockstar Quarters as another opportunity to display its brand of originality with suites and staterooms unlike any other.  Where most ships offer mostly mid-century modern or contemporary designs, Virgin Voyages, on the other hand, decided to go back to the decade that made them by adding 1960’s London Mod elements to the plan.  

All accommodations feature neat design elements, from hammock seats on balconies to record players in the rooms; Virgin Voyages makes guests feel “cool” in these chic new suites and staterooms. 

Sir Richard Branson’s hospitality legacy is alive and well on the high seas, and the results show. Scarlett Lady has been joined by her new sisters Valiant, Resilient, and Brilliant Lady. With more new ships already in the pipeline, Virgin Voyages appears to be here to stay, and Luxury Cruise Connections is “here for it.” To get a deeper understanding of this exhilarating brand, call the travel team at Luxury Cruise Connections.

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