Asian Fusion @ Kokos on Scenic Eclipse

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Scenic Eclipse is making waves as the brand’s first ultra-luxe, discovery yacht. A luxury expedition is never complete without a matching dining experience. Kokos is not one but three dining experiences in one chic venue. Come inside this multi-faceted Asian Fusion eatery.

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The Design

Since the Scenic Eclipse is a small ship, the design team had to devise creative ways to maximize each space. In doing so, they expertly blended three dining experiences into one modern dining room. The venue houses Sushi@Koko’s, The Night Market @Koko’s, and Koko’s.

The interior of the dining room is adorned with dark wood and leather accents on the chairs, bartops, and trellis. Color is added via the red and terracotta tones of the glassware, linens, and lamp shades. The entire look is completed by the dark slate stone flooring. 

The Concept

Guests seated at the Sushi bar will have front-row seats to the chef as they prepare each item. The chef will tell them about the dishes, the techniques, and the ingredients, and suddenly, the meal transforms into an experience. After all, what is an expedition about, if not experience? This is Sushi@Koko’s

SE Sushi Kokos Crab and Yuzu Tobico Uramaki 001

Guests in the general dining room enjoying traditional Japanese sunken seating or the bartop looking out the windows won’t have the show, but they can order sushi from the bar. This is Koko’s, featuring a Japanese Fusion menu. The overall decor and ambiance are that of a high-end modern Tokyo restaurant, except that when you look out of the floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll see the towering ice of Antarctica (unless you book the Eclipse to Japan).

Finally, the third experience is The Night Market@Koko’s, a stylish reimagination of teppanyaki dining. Gone is the shrimp toss and the onion volcano, and in its place is a show of technique and presentation, complete with a story of each dish’s methods, traditions, and ingredients. 

SE Teppanyaki Kokos Seared Maguro 001

Imagine yourself enjoying a five-star meal similar to what you would find in the heart of one of the world’s most bustling cities, but when you step outside you find yourself in the vast expanse of the Canadian Arctic. This is the type of experience an expedition with Scenic offers you. This is what the advisors at Luxury Cruise Connections want to share with you. Allow us to blow your mind with a vacation where the only unexpected surprises are awe-inspiring. To reserve your table at the end of the world, call today. 

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