The Best Cruise Food At Sea: Top Luxury Cruise Fine Dining Experiences

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For discerning travelers seeking an unforgettable culinary journey, luxury cruises offer a world of exquisite flavors and impeccable service. As a senior travel advisor, I have had the pleasure of going on many cruises, to many different destinations, and here are my top picks for the best cruise food at sea. 

Careful! Your mouth may water as I describe these experiences, so let’s set sail on a voyage of gourmet discovery!

Regent Seven Seas: A Celebration of Culinary Excellence

The best of the best has to come first, and Regent Seven Seas takes the crown for the ultimate fine-dining experience. 

With up to seven different fine dining options onboard their ships, featuring a wide selection of cuisine that takes you across continents and traditions, it´s easy to understand why Regent Seven Seas comes up when talking about the best cruise food experience.

Trust me, I have tasted lasagnas made by Italians, and there is simply nothing quite like the one I had the pleasure to enjoy at Sette Mari, Regent’s Italian restaurant at sea. 

best cruise food compass rose regent seven seas

Let´s begin with the crown jewel, the Compass Rose. Regent´s largest specialty restaurant offers plenty of spectacular dining options. Choose from a wide array of dishes during dinner service, featuring more than a dozen different meat, fish, and seafood items that you can have prepared to taste, choosing sauces, side dishes, and accompaniments as you please. 

Taste the ship’s executive chef’s nightly specials or multi-course menu degustations, and finish it all up with the delicious dessert menu filled with international cheeses, premium handmade ice creams and cakes, pastries, and soufflés. 

Steak lovers will find themselves fully satisfied with the exquisite cuisine at Prime 7, showcasing perfectly cooked cuts of meat and flawless service. 

This classic steakhouse is intimate and elegant, offering all of the traditional starters such as Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes and Classic Steak Tartar, though if you ask your waiter, they will surely recommend you taste the Prime New York Strip. Take a look at a sampler dinner menu and tell me, does that not make your mouth water?

prime 7 regent

Next, you have Chartreuse, Regent’s French restaurant featuring modern French dishes and bistro style food, featuring entrees such as Escargots, soufflé, and foie grass, deliciously heartwarming soups, and elegantly prepared meats and fish.

If you want something a little more exotic, make sure to try Pacific Rim’s Pan-Asian cuisine if you are onboard the Seven Seas Splendor, Explorer, or Grandeur, and of course, don’t forget to try the best lasagna onboard at La Veranda, once it transforms into Sette Mari for dinner al fresco. 

Scenic Eclipse: Where Gastronomy Meets Theatricality

For a truly unique dining experience, I would recommend the Scenic Eclipse

From modern French cuisine to Asian fusion and house-made gelato, this luxury brand includes it all, making some of the best cruise food at sea.

Their a la carte spectrum is quite impressive, I must say, featuring up to 10 unique dining experiences, and an impressive culinary team of over 38 chefs from 15 different countries. Here, you will find all sorts of delicious options for any dietary requirements: vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, you name it! They will most definitely have it and if not, they will find a way to accommodate your needs.

SE Chef s Table 005 1

Their exclusive Chef’s Table offers an intimate setting for a ten-course culinary adventure. Prepare to be surprised and delighted as each dish is presented with artistry and flair. Imagine a dish resembling a cigar, revealed to be a delectable edible creation! This is fine dining with a touch of whimsy, ensuring a memorable evening.

The Night Market at Scenic Eclipse offers another captivating experience. See the magic happening for yourself as chefs cook up delicious dishes right in front of you, creating a vibrant and interactive dining experience.

With a premium selection of beverages available all day, and an impressive selection of 100 premium Champagne, sparklings, and wines, featuring daily selections inspired by your destination, I’d say the Scenic Eclipse’s cruise food menu qualifies as one of the best cruise food experiences you will find at sea.

Silversea Cruises: Consistently Exquisite Fare

Throughout all my years at sea, I have consistently enjoyed fantastic dining experiences on Silversea Cruises. For me, is the attentive staff that does it, plus their willingness to cater to dietary needs, and the overall quality of the cuisine. 

Silversea prides itself on its chef’s creativity, offering a variety of flavors onboard: From fine French cuisine to flavourful Asian options. Destination’s influences are sensed throughout their extensive menus.

Silversea’s alfresco dining experiences are an added highlight, allowing you to savor exquisite meals under the open sky at La Terrazza, where sustainable ingredients come together to create delicious Italian cuisine, and The Marquee, the brand’s newest outdoor dining venue.

A dessert at La Dame Restaurant, Silver Cloud

Depending on the ship you choose to sail, enjoy a variety of delightful options, however, if I were to select one top culinary experience, I would go for the S.A.L.T Chef’s Table, exclusive to the Silver Nova ship.

This intimate, yet interactive dining experience finds no comparison, as their menu of small plates highlights a spectacular variety of regional flavors, all of them accompanied by unique wines and cocktails. Allow yourself to experiment with unique dishes prepared to take you on a sensory journey, most definitely offering some of the best cruise food at sea.

Bear in mind, that this restaurant is per reservation only and carries an additional cost, however, it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience every foodie will adore. 

For those seeking an even deeper dive into culinary exploration, Silversea’s S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) program offers a unique perspective. 

This innovative program focuses on regionally inspired cuisine, allowing you to connect with local cultures and traditions through your taste buds. Imagine indulging in freshly caught seafood in the Mediterranean, savoring the spice-infused delicacies of Southeast Asia, or embarking on a culinary journey through the vineyards of Bordeaux. S.A.L.T. elevates fine dining to an art form, offering an unforgettable way to experience the world through its food.

Explora Journeys: Meet The Chef

I simply cannot recommend Explora Journeys enough for its impressive food offerings, and I am not the only advisor who will. Their steakhouse provides a personalized experience where you can meet the chef, and share secrets around the dining table. 

While they have one specialty restaurant with a surcharge, the rest are complimentary, including the delicious Asian restaurant, Sakura. 

Expect sophisticated flavors, immersive dining experiences, and rare ingredients hand-selected to offer one of the best dining experiences at sea.

Hosting some of the world’s top chefs, such as Emma Bengtsson, Claude Le Tohic and Mauro Uliassi, Explora Journeys’ Anthology restaurant offers some of the best cruise food you will find. 

Presented as a culinary stage in a refined ambient, flawless service meets curated menus and inspiring creations representing cuisines from around the world. Pair every dish with refined wines selected by experienced sommeliers, and chit-chat with Michelin-starred chefs in this award-winning restaurant.

A World of Culinary Discovery Awaits

Luxury cruise lines are certainly pushing the boundaries of fine dining at sea. From the exquisite classics of Regent Seven Seas to the theatrical presentations of Scenic Eclipse and the globally-inspired menus of Explora Journeys, there’s a perfect culinary adventure waiting for every discerning palate.

Ready to Embark on Your Culinary Voyage?

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