Oceania Cruises Announces Fleetwide Addition of Rum and Whisky Programs

Oceania Cruises Announces Fleetwide Addition of Rum and Whisky Programs

Oceania Cruises has already made strides to add to its considerable food and beverage offerings onboard. Hot off of the announcement of Oceania Vista’s innovative new mixology program, the cruise line has just revealed that it will add fleetwide Rum and Whisky programs in 2023. The news has our attention since Oceania is known for creativity and quality in everything they serve. Read along to find out why.

The whisky experiences will feature a collection of Macallan’s iconic labels, chocolate pairings, The Macallan Diamond Bar Cart, whisky flights, and more. The rum experience will include offerings from Brugal. 

The Macallan Experiences

  • The Macallan Diamond Bar Cart- a mobile bar offering exclusive Macallan expressions like the Macallan Smoker- highlights the art of infusing aromas into cocktails.
  • The Macallan Flight Program- Everyone likes a sampler. Enjoy multiple rare Macallan Whiskys highlighting the notes and tones of the world’s most loved single malt.
  • The Macallan Chocolate Pairing- guests will be invited to combine their favorite whisky with their favorite dessert. Options include Macallan Quest & Milk Chocolate, Macallan Lumina & Chocolate Truffles with Fruit, Macallan Terra & White Chocolate, and Macallan Enigma & Dark Chocolate.

Brugal 1888 Doblemente Anejado Rum Offerings 

  • Brugal Rum and Tea at Sea- Rum and Black Tea have been bedfellows for hundreds of years. Celebrate the combination with a hands-on mixology experience. 
  • Nearly Neat Serving Cart with Brugal 1888- an elevated cocktail experience featuring non-traditional cocktails like The Nightcap and more…
  • Ice Cream and Brugal Cocktails- Combine our two favorite vices to make ice cream and Brugal Rum cocktails.

Oceania Vista will feature both the Macallan and Brugal 1888 programs and the new mixology concepts previously announced. The first Allura Class ship will surely have the most stacked food and beverage program in the fleet. For guests with a taste for fine cocktails and the finest dining at sea, Oceania Vista should be at the top of your list. To reserve your seat at the bar, call Luxury Cruise Connections today. 

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