Mexico is well known for its paradisiacal beaches and landscapes, always in the top list of most visited destinations for tourists. Here you will find the best things to do in a cruise port like Cozumel. 

Cozumel, being the largest Caribbean Island of the country, offers compelling activities and services every cruiser can expect to do in a cruise port, dotted with magical Mayan ruins and tropical vibes, the piers gather the best of Mexican signature culture, cuisine and crafts that make for a passing by walk before boarding the cruise.

Punta Langosta, Puerta Maya, and International TMM are the three ports that make up the piers of the island, each having outstanding places to enjoy, building up a dilemma for those who want to visit it all, but regardless of this fact, once in Cozumel, the idea of paying it a visit again will knock on your door.

Being part of the 3.5 million people that land in Cozumel port wanting to have the best experience should be no longer an issue with this top 10 things to do in a cruise port like this.

1. Portrait the arrival in front of the ship:

Cozumel is the perfect background to take beautiful, breathtaking pictures and this is one essential thing to do with the family right after stepping on the pier. All ports display several full angles to take the million dollar shot.

2. Visit Cozumel Butterfly and Botanical Gardens:

There are few places and occasions, where you can interact directly with butterflies and Cozumel, happened to be one of them just for your entertainment. Located at only 5 minutes of the pier, the gardens are owned and managed by a native family who will teach you all there’s to know about these enchanting animals while also serving you snacks and drinks for free.  

3. Enjoy astrology at the planetarium:

Sky observation was more than a hobby, a lifestyle for Mayans. A longtime tradition that the island government still keeps. The planetarium has 3D showings for even better appreciation. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the ethereal night skies at a place where an ancient culture used to study the mysteries of the universe.

4. Go to the world’s first underwater oxygen bar:

Oxygen bars have been in the rising when it comes to new alternatives to enjoy relaxing times, mix that up with crystal clear waters, exotical fauna and a tone of fun activities such as games, bubble guns, photo framing for underwater photos and you’ll have unforgettable memories to remember forever.

5. Do tequila catering:

What to do in a cruise port in Mexico if it’s not tequila? Most restaurants and bars at the port give plenty of different tequila tours where you can taste authentic Mexican tequila flavors along with Mexican dishes to accompany this strong yet eccentric drink.

6. Swim with dolphins:

The dolphin discovery center, located at Chankanaab Park has a whole interactive dynamic where you can swim with the dolphins and also hang on the water while they swim around you. If you and your family haven’t tried this significative and adorable experience, take this chance to do so.

7. Explore “El Museo de la Isla”:

Travel to the past and meet with the island’s very origins for only $4 the entrance. The full visit takes about an hour, an adequate time to drink a cup of coffee in the museum’s café while staring front row at the main beach.

8. Shop duty-free:

Cozumel features plenty of commercial stores where duty-free shopping supplies your souvenir purchases. The stores can be seen along the disembarkation area to facilitate the shopping for all cruisers, something to remind them of acquiring beautiful land crafts to gift before leaving the island.

9. Book an excursion to see Tulum:

One huge safety pin travelers of the world love to do while vacationing in Mexico. Tulum is the only one Mayan ruin located at a coast, which converts its tropical jungle by the sea, a spectacular destination. You can always book an excursion to the ruins for a couple of hours to take pictures and swim closer to the caverns by the cliff.  

10. Party at Mr. Sanchos:

Gourmet cuisine dishes, VIP protocol and service, exclusive areas, white soft sand, and aquamarine warm waters await you. The private beach also gives off a family-friendly environment with its swimming pools and swim up bars. Packages are all inclusive or paid depending on your preferences.


Leaving all resumed in these top 10 things on what to do in port, we cordially invite you to see our luxury cruise offers in Mexico destinations, including Cozumel. Give yourself the sailing of a lifetime with the most booked cruise lines of the world, only available on our website.


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