Going on a river cruise in Europe definitely calls for adventure, a heart-racing experience that is full of walking, touring and much more, mixing the thrill of energetic activities around remarkable cities and relaxing massages, gourmet food, and personalized onboard services to give you Russian Roulette sensations; as you can see, River Cruises are much more casual than Oceanic Cruises.

Which means that packing for River Cruise in Europe is all about comfortable, no need to overthink it too much, but here is where some might be wrong or not entirely sure, because there’s always room to forget essentials that cannot be left at home.

We come to help you out with top tips our professional travelers and onboard team gave us just for you:

1. Checking the weather:

The climate in Europe is quite changing so to be prepared for strong winds when it’s summer, clothing should be versatile enough, don’t miss the chance to pack a mix of comfy casual garments along with a jacket, gloves and maybe a scarf. Sneakers and carry-on bags will be your best companions during touring too.

2. Choose simple light luggage:

Travel light and simple, regular passengers on the cruises we offer are prone to have a 10-15 inches tall luggage and a small handbag to carry on their trips.

3. Only the necessary:

Forget about stuffing things like umbrellas, hats, accessories and such, as we were telling you before, always keep it simple, most cruises have everything you need for your personal care. Nevertheless, it is useful for packing a small kit with items, medicines, and documents.

4. Keep your electronics with you:

A good camera, cellphone, power banks, tablets or laptops are valuable goods we cannot leave behind, be sure to pack all power banks and USB cables that will avoid a “the camera ran out of battery, can’t take pictures” experience by keeping at least two chargers in your handbag. Also, when packing for Europe cruise remember to buy a European adaptor, even though some cruises have the U.S adaptor, some lines don’t. It is essential to check with the cruise line a way to access to Wifi and figure out a way to stay communicated with your relatives back home.

5. Stick to neutral, European style:

One might think this is a superficial tip but is not. Try to add monochromatic clothing and shoes in colors such as black, gray, beige and white, this way you would blend in with natives and will avoid the troublesome task of combining your clothes for off-board tours, your luggage will be glad too.


If you commit to following all these tips for packing for a Europe cruise, we can ensure you a tranquil ship. Don’t forget we love to keep you more than happy! If you are ready to book your sail, we will gladly respond to your requirements at +1 844 743 7642.

Would you add some other tips?

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