If you haven’t tried cruising yet, then be prepared to start planning out the vacations you know you need! We want you to visualize yourself in a paradise that combines spectacular guided escapades and the most refreshing way to visit the local wonders of a whole region, luxury attentions and outstanding entertainment, all the vacation essentials with a VIP touch just for you to enjoy with your significant other or even with the family.

Now that you might be all excited, you are surely thinking about all the regular steps one needs to follow for a vacation, but preparing for a cruise is a tiny bit different than planning for a flight; so we gathered all our experience and carefully selected the following guide for you to follow so you can make the most out of your next cruise adventure:

#1 Select the right time to book the cruise of your preference

Climate checking is a must when it comes to choosing the cruise that suits you the most, but monitoring the weather also includes weighing the time of the year and the type of vacation you want to enjoy. Be sure to look out for the best time to visit the destination and the activities the cruise offers regarding that region; all cruises offer different activities given the season/holidays at the time of the trip.

#2 Embarking point should be comfortable and easy to reach

At this point, you should think carefully and deeply about your itinerary, put all the questions and possibilities on the table, from booking a flight (or several if needed) to get to the departing city, to spending the night in a hotel near the port before departure. Cruise lines often offer airport transfer, some ports also provide free airport buses, and major cruise lines have their ports at easy to reach cities. These are all things you can discuss with your travel agent.

#3 Make a match with the cruise line

Since there are several types of cruise lines it is best to choose the one that matches your likings and expectations, if you’re traveling with the family, you’d probably be choosing Princess Cruise Line or if you want to celebrate endlessly, then the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas is the perfect selection, as well as if you’re feeling adventurous, we can always connect you to lines such as Ama Waterways or Viking Rivers.

Alongside the cruise line matching, think of your trip expectations, for those who don’t enjoy large crowds of people and never-ending activities, a smaller more intimate ship like a river line would be better, leaving the bigger oceanic ships for those who are seeking an extreme experience.

#4 Prepare to pick a schedule

Many options are given when you start booking your cruise trip, this gives you the opportunity to determine the port stops that look more interesting to you, including the excursions. By checking the itinerary the cruise line offers, you’ll be planning beforehand all the stops and “extra costs” that might arise. If you are a novice in cruising, we highly recommend a travel agent, since their experience can help you pick the right week trip deals and best schedule activities for a full engaging memory.

#5 Search for good deals and five-star reviews 

There’s a special offer the majority of cruise lines have that is called “wave season” in which most of the travelers are prone to book their tickets, most likely between January and March. To find these deals is enough to search on the cruise line website or picking a travel agent, who could get you special deals (unpublished promotions), extra amenities or even on-board credit, under the same price tag. It is also essential to read the latest reviews regarding the cruise if you’re looking for excellence.

#6  Currency and tipping on board 

US dollars are the most common currency used on cruise lines, however, if the line is attached to a particular country, then you should be aware of the currency conversion at that moment to avoid any further issues when exploring at off board excursions or tipping fee payment stub at the end of the trip. Don’t forget every passenger is charged with this tipping fee which happens to be cumulative.

#7 Carry your documents at hand

It may sound obvious, but between all the hassle at the airport or at the check-in moment, important documentation might get lost. Having all the passports, visas, identifications, tickets and more at an easy to reach place, comes in useful.

We hope all of these tips are enough for you to have the ultimate cruise experience, don’t forget to contact us if you’re ready to book your cruise. Our mission is to give you a stress-free planning and a memorable luxury trip, give us a call at 866-997-0377 or send us an email: info@luxurycruiseconnections.com.

Is there any other advice you’d like to add to our guide to planning a cruise? Let us know in the comments!

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