Traveling on a Cunard Line cruise may be one of the best luxury cruising experiences around. The British company is iconic and world renowned for offering the height of sophistication when it comes to cruising. Add to that the company has been established for over one and a half centuries and you might think there was nothing more to add. However, here are three things that you should also know about traveling on Cunard Line in 2018.

1) Enrichment programs on board – these include the likes of NASA astronauts, British actor, comedian and polar explorer John Cleese and other quality celebrities and well know people. These people are there to entertain and inform with talk of their experiences and exploits. They will enhance any Cunard cruise experience and enable passengers to learn about a range of topics from astronomy to athletics. The program aims to ‘Engage, Enlighten and Entertain’ passengers with special guests from politics, sport, science and journalism to name but a few.

2) Ballroom dancing on Cunard – perhaps one of the most vivid and memorable experiences about this historic cruise line would be the ballroom dancing on offer. The Queen’s Ballroom is truly outstanding with a sprung dancefloor that enables passengers to dance at a Cunard Ball – a mesmerizingly memorable experience. The nightly dancing on offer can be viewed from the gallery above and a live orchestra makes the whole experience simply magical.

3) Tracing a family tree – a brand new enhancement for 2018 guests on the Cunard Line Queen Mary 2 can use to research their family tree on board. There will be 4 genealogists available to help guests to find out who they are and their background. They will be able to use census and military records and other resources as well as having the option to find out their ethnic mix using AncestryDNA. Since the 1800s Cunard was involved in transporting immigrants across the Atlantic with one in five arriving through Ellis Island via Cunard. This entirely unique and exclusive opportunity could help people learn more about their family history and background.

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