There are many options people have in life, whether it be the type of work, where to live and even the person selected to be the soul mate. While these are choices made that affect the way a person lives, there are also decisions made to create the fun and exciting parts of our lives. Of course, in addition to what fun activities are created on a weekly basis when not at work, one major decision that is made is the vacation taken to get away from it all.

Just like the decisions made that affect a person’s daily life, deciding on what to do for a vacation is just as important to provide us with the fun and balance in our life. You are reading this blog because you are on the Luxury Cruise Connections website and believe as I do that a cruise is an ultimate vacation to relax away from work and everyday life as well as to explore new frontiers as Captain Kirk would say. Where to go and how to get there, or another way to put it, what cruise line and ship to go on is extremely important.

A person’s option will depend on the type of cruise being sought—-a family cruise with children will determine one type of cruise line where there are numerous activities and counselors for children. Traveling without children will provide a totally different option for a cruise line or ship. Again, there are many choices that can be made depending on the type of vacation you want and what you want to get out of the vacation. Big ship vs. smaller vessel? Activities such as zip lines, rock climbing walls, Broadway plays, etc., vs. quaint and more intimate ships where the itinerary, food, and service become part of your experience.
If you are looking for the latter, an excellent choice is Silversea, which has 9 ships sailing to unique and exciting destinations, including the Galapagos and Antarctica. However, you don’t have to cruise to these exotic sites to experience a bucket list itinerary.

I just returned from a cruise aboard the Silver Spirit, which sailed from Dubai to Seychelles, covering a total of 3,783 nautical miles. Want a bucket list itinerary? Read on as the ship sailed from Dubai, stopping at exotic ports such as Abu Dhabi; Muscat, Oman; 2 ports in India; Maldives and finishing in the paradise called Seychelles. Doesn’t this itinerary sound exciting compared to the same Caribbean or Bahamas ports? It is and it was.

The Silver Spirit currently holds only 540 guests, offering exceptional food and service partially because the staff doesn’t have to deal with thousands of guests on 1 cruise. (The Silver Spirit will be slightly enlarged when she goes to drydock in February and will be slightly enlarged to accommodate 604 guests.) All Silversea cruises include gratuities and beverages including alcoholic drinks which means no nickel and diming and wondering what your bar tab will be at the end of the cruise. Each suite has a pillow menu which is offered to best suit each guest’s needs or desires to get a comfortable night of sleep.
The balcony suites, which was my home for the 15-day cruise, are extremely comfortable. There is no sensation of feeling cramped and guests are made to feel welcomed as soon as they enter their suites after being escorted by butlers.
Once settled in, it is almost time to make another choice—-where to eat dinner. The Silver Spirit offers 6 options to dine. Deck 4 has 3 restaurants, including the Main Dining Room, appropriately called the Restaurant, which holds 362 guests. Just outside of The Restaurant are 2 Specialty Dining options: the French La Dame and the Asian Seishin, both of which are intimate and have a fee.

La Terrazza – Silversea

Deck 7 is where you will find 2 more dining options. La Terrazza offers a breakfast and lunch buffet as well as an a la carte dinner where you can dine either inside or outside on the terrace. Around the corner from La Terrazza is the Stars Supper Club, where you will dine on different tapas while listening to a singer and a pianist. While there are no fees for either of these 2 options, reservations, especially for Stars is requested.
The last and most unique dining experience is the Pool Grill, where you can either have various cuts of meats, salmon or chicken cooked for you, or you have the option to cook it yourself using the hot rock grill the waiters bring to your table. Again, there is no fee, but reservations to dine under the stars at night is required (although the staff always try to accommodate all guests).

Amazing food on Silversea

Whichever dining option you select, you are sure to enjoy the exquisite cuisine with the fabulous service. The filet mignon was stupendous and even something simple such as the Tomato Soup was the best I’ve had since I was a child. Fantastic service accompanied the marvelous dining. While the entire staff was extremely friendly and accommodating, special recognition goes to Claire (her first cruise and contract), Ken and Matre’d Leonard.
As previously mentioned, while there are no actual Broadway shows, there is plenty to do while on the ship, including lectures on the ports that will be visited and other topics, including on the Silver Spirit, author Ying Chang Compestine, who is having one of her books turned into a movie. Other activities include various games such as trivia provided by Cruise Director Adam and his 2 wonderful assistants, Noprada and Christina. There are 6 wonderful singers who not only provided fabulous shows, both in individual and as a collected act but were tour leaders and helped with some of the games. The performance of a few of the songs from Les Miz and The Phantom of the Opera was outstanding. Special events were also held including the Pub Lunch and Death by Chocolate, both of which were held on the Pool deck, the latter being held at night and with a large variety of decadent desserts.

Of course, the ship has a spa with wonderful masseuses and a casino, as well as the Panorama Lounge for late night music and dancing.
All in all, cruising on the Silver Spirit was a great and exciting experience. You certainly can’t go wrong by making a cruise with Silversea your choice for a vacation. You will get exquisite food and service to go with a unique itinerary.

Steven GulkoSteve Gulko has been in the industry 38 years and has sailed on approximately 80 cruises to various “bucket lists” and just fun locations. If you have comments or want to have him check on the best available rates and promotions for any vacation, contact him at 866-997-0377, ext. 170.  He promises to research for the best deals for his guests, provide his vast experience, and to always try to match and actually beat any offer.

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